Friday, February 12, 2016

Miss Called Murder by Carter Brown

Miss Called Murder

Joe Stanton is the sort of refined private eye, all four eyes are, including his hornrims. If he had only stayed sober he would never been mixed up in this thing in the first place. Sober, Joe wouldn't have found the corpse, he wouldn't have had to listen to all that modern poetry that does not rhyme. He wouldn't even have had that Lieutenant not trusting Joe and that racketeer not trusting him either.  Joe would not have had that Bugsy Jones breathing down his back while he rammed his gun into Joe's spine. Joe wouldn't have even met that lush brunette with the figure 8. Has one ever tried to get rid of a corpse? One might be embarrassed a little because it's the second corpse in ones apartment inside of two days? Then, maybe one would like to stand in for Joe......

Printing History
Written by Alan G Yates (1922-1985)

Horwitz Publications Inc

Novel Series

Second Collectors' Series 
Volume 1 #13
Reprint by Demand Series

Friday, February 5, 2016

Dr Phibes Rises Again (1972)

Dr Phibes Rises Again!

Long believed dead, Anton Phibes arises from a state of suspended animation, in search of the means to bring his deceased wife back to the land of the living. With the aid of the enigmatic, never-speaking Vulnavia, Phibes follows an Egyptian expedition, seeking out an ancient elixir of life and killing everyone who gets in his way. In the original film, all of the doctor's grisly but ingenious murders were motivated, and all were linked by a Seven Deadly Plagues throughline. In the sequel, Phibes kills whenever he feels like it, and utilizes an impressive array of death-dealing contraptions. This marks one of the only films ever made to wrap with Vincent Price singing "Somewhere, Over the Rainbow".

Vincent Price as Dr. Anton Phibes
Robert Quarry as Darius Biederbeck
Valli Kemp as Vulnavia
Peter Jeffrey as Inspecter Trout
Fiona Lewis as Diana Trowbridge
Hugh Griffith as Harry Ambrose
Peter Cushing as Captain
Beryl Reid as Miss Ambrose
Terry-Thomas as Lombardo

Monday, February 1, 2016

A Job Of Murder by Frank Gruber

Blonde Bait Traps A Killer

The body behind the barrel
The corpse of a man lay in a corner of the fifth floor of the giant Towner Leather Company factory. Certainly enough to upset the routine in any factory, much less one just invaded by two zany operatives, Johnny Fletcher and Sam Gragg. They signed up for manual labor and were handed murder instead. Fletcher takes command and gives all the suspicious characters the once over, from Boss Harry Towner on down to a particularly tempting phone operator. Then he sets a trap that was sure to catch the killer.

Printing History
Written by Frank Gruber (1904-1969)

Signet Books

Original Title
The Leather Duke

Saturday, January 30, 2016

The November Man (2014)

Based on the novel There Are No Spies by Bill Granger

An ex-CIA operative is brought back in on a very personal mission and finds himself pitted against his former pupil in a deadly game involving high level CIA officials and the Russian president-elect. 

 In Lausanne, Switzerland, retired CIA agent Peter Devereaux is visited by his former chief John Hanley who convinces him to extract the agent Natalia Ulanova from Russia. Natalia is the assistant of the Russian candidate for President Arkady Federov and has been collecting evidences of war crimes committed by the candidate during the Chechen War and requested Peter to help her. However, during the operation, CIA chief Perry Weinstein believes that Natalie has been captured by the Russians and orders agent David Mason to kill her. Natalie gives photos and the name Mira Filipova to Peter before dying and the agent informs Hanley. Peter kills the CIA agents, but when he sees Mason, he spares the agent that was trained by him. When Mason meets Weinstein, he learns that Peter and Natalie had a love affair in the past and the agent is assigned to kill him. Peter heads to Belgrade where he saves the social worker Alice Fournier that might know where Mira is from Federov's assassin Alexa and from Mason. Soon Peter learns dirty secrets about Arkady Federov and the CIA and has to flee with Alice to save their lives and expose the crimes to the world. 

Pierce Brosnan as Peter H. Devereaux ("The November Man")
Luke Bracey as David Mason
Olga Kurylenko as Alice Fournier/Mira Filipova
Eliza Taylor as Sarah
Caterina Scorsone as Celia
Bill Smitrovich as John Hanley
Will Patton as Perry Weinstein
The Novel
Devereaux, the November man, is promoted by the operations chief of R section to an investigation that frightens and activates a KGB sleeper agent within R section itself.
Printing History
Written by Bill Granger 
Warner Books
ISBN 446 38049
October 1986 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Moonshine Momma by Carter Brown

A Genuine "Lovely" Mystery

Queen of the hooch and honky tonks, she stacked a frame that 
pinned Police Lieutenant Al Wheeler to a chair even though it was under proof

Cover by Virgil Riley

Printing History
Written by Alan G Yates (1922-1985)

Novelette Series

First Collectors' Series
w/Slaughter In Satin and Pagan Perilous 

Second Collectors' Series
Volume 1 #9
w/Fraulein Is Feline and Slaughter In Satin
December 1957

Volume 2 #6
w/A Siren Sounds Off
February 1960

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Top 5 Posts Of 2015

The Top Five Posts of 2015
 Presenting the top 5 for the blog for the whole year of 2015
From October 18th 
The Pace That Kills by William Fuller

From March 28th
The Black Hole (1979)

From March 9th
1967 Book Signup

From March 24th
More Double Trouble

From January 9th
Bare Trap by Frank Kane 

See you in 2016

Monday, December 28, 2015

Passport To Danger by Jessyca Paull

Terror prowls the streets of Paris, pursuing her everywhere, as she plunges into the nightmare of being mistaken for a spy

Tracy stared at the words. Where did the newspaper get that story? That cold report on her own murder in a dingy Paris hotel?

At first, Tracy Larrimore was too stunned to be frightened. Terror came slowly, with chilling, deliberate precision...

When she learned that her passport was found in the mysterious corpse's rigid hands - making it impossible for Tracy to prove who she was...

When the whispering voice demanded her return to America - offering a small fortune if she obeyed......

When the woman with the veil kidnapped her in broad daylight, her gun pointed straight at Tracy's head.

Nerve-chilling terror came slowly but relentlessly as Tracy became entanglesd in the intrigue of vicious espionage. With a ruthless enemy who wanted her dead for a sinister secret she did not realize she possessed... and her only ally a tall, young stranger she loved, but knew she could not trust.

Printing History
 Written by Julia Perceval and Rosaylmer Burger

Universal Publishing and Distributing Corp 
Award Books
#303  (1968)
#1250 (1973)

Sunday, December 27, 2015

My Gun Is Quick by Mickey Spillane

Mike Hammer Mystery

Mike Hammer is meeting a red-headed prostitute in a diner. She is hassled by a man she appears to know and fear but Mike deals with him swiftly. Despite having little conversation, he gives her some money to get a real job and leaves. The next day she is found dead, the victim of an apparent hit-and-run accident. Mike does not believe this and proceeds to hunt down her murderers and in the process he uncovers a massive and powerful prostitution ring in New York.

 Printing History
Written by Frank Morrison Spillane (1918-2006)

E. P. Dutton

The Film

Directed by Phil Victor and George White


Robert Bray as Mike Hammer
Whitney Blake as Nancy Williams
Donald Randolph as Colonel Holloway
Gina Core as Maria Teresa Garcia
Pamela Duncan as Velda
Booth Colman as Pat Chambers

Friday, December 25, 2015

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Miracle On 34th Street (1947)

Taking place between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day in New York City, this film focuses on the impact of a department store Santa Claus who claims to be the real Santa.

Kris Kringle, a bearded old gent who is the living image of Santa Claus, is serving as a last-minute replacement for the drunken Santa who was to have led Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, Kringle is offered a job as a Macy's toy-department Santa. The Supervisor soon begins having second thoughts about hiring Kris. It's bad enough that he is laboring under the delusion that he's the genuine Saint Nick. But when he begins advising customers to shop elsewhere for toys that they can't find at Macy's, he's gone too far!

 Based on the story by
Valentine Davies

Directed by
George Seaton

Maureen O'Hara as Doris Walker.
John Payne as Frederick M. "Fred" Gailey
Edmund Gwenn as Kris Kringle
Natalie Wood as Susan Walker
Porter Hall as Granville Sawyer
William Frawley as Charlie Halloran
Jerome Cowan as District Attorney Thomas Mara