Sunday, September 23, 2018

Madam You're Mayhem (II) by Carter Brown

Fix me a getaway...
I'll need a fast car and faster women....
If the cops don't get me...
The curves will.....

Barney Blaine was heading to Mexico, land of the sombrero, manana, and Carmen Esteros! Carmen was wearing a bikini, or she Barney would say, two and a half spangles. She'd do anything for a man who would drive in the the Carrera Panamericana, and that meant him! Only Barney was co-driver for Julie Adams, the dizziest blonde who ever tried to accelerate coming into a right angled bend at 120 miles per hour. But that was only his cover for a red hot assignment. If one would ever go to Mexico you would find the people very friendly, like the guys who stake one out over an ant hill with a trail of honey leading into one's open mouth. But Barney couldn't keep his big mouth shut, and that is how he came to be a length behind the Gordini with the speedo showing 150. The curve was looming nearer and nearer, in another five seconds it would be too late for either of them....

Printing History
Written by Alan G Yates (1923-1985)

Horwitz Publications
Numbered Series 

w/ Larceny Was Lovely
Second Collector’s Series V2 #2
October 1959 

Cover by Moira Bertram

Friday, September 14, 2018

8th Anniversary

My 8th Anniversary 

This blog was started 8 years ago today.

My quest for this year is to read all of the Al Wheeler mysteries in order. From The Wench Is Wicked (1956) to Stab In The Dark (1984). Twenty eight years of Al Wheeler, the unorthodox cop.

The Crimes So Far

Al Wheeler #1-3

Al Wheeler #4-6

Al Wheeler #7

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Raw Lust by Hi Holborn

His inhibited acts reaped a whirlwind of aroused passions as 
he probed the hidden animal cravings of desire maddened women!!

They were tortured by lustful cravings!
He instilled a fiery longing for his manliness among the restless women who crossed his path. Ever alert for an opportunity he took advantage to their every erotic desire, lustful thought and carnal wish to satisfy his frenzied drive toward quenching his burning need!!

Printing History
Written by Hi Holborn

Tuxedo Books
January 1962

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Kiss The Boys And Make Them Die by James Yardley

Introducing Kiss Darling, 
the super girl with the wow IQ, 
a dynamite body, 
and a wild weakness for danger

"A bird? A superbomb? No, it's Supergirl!

To her womanizing boss, Kiss Darling is a budding young beauty ripe for the picking. To her army of hopeful seducers, she's a promise of sexual paradise worth any entry fee. To all men everywhere, she's an erotic dream come true.

Little do these male chauvinists suspect that beneath that luscious exterior lie nerves of steel, a mind quicker than a thousand computers, and the ability to do anything--well, almost anything--a man can do, and better.

When Kiss Darling swings into red-hot action and uninhibited adventure, she puts the boys to shame...

 Printing History
Written by James Yardley

Micheal Josephs  
April 1970

New American Library
Signet Books
October 1970

Pan Books

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Brotherhood of Lust by Don Holliday

Their Campus Games Were An Orgy Of Sin!

Passion Diploma........
was what you earned if you were part of the inner group on this campus. For here the big quiz was how many orgies you attended and how many twisted hungers you could satisfy before the semester ran out. There was plenty of babes, plenty of booze, and plenty of passion hungry guys to fill any exam sheet with shocking examples of sin life on the textbook front. And pity the poor freshman who didn't fall into line and sign up for a course in fleshpot psychology, on campus of.........
.......Sinners Cum Laude!

Printing History
written by David Case

Greenleaf Classics
Midnight Reader
October 1962

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

My Baby Was Blasted by Marc Brody

My Baby Was Blasted
by Marc Brody

What happened to Jimmy Delmar after that wild Hollywood party? Vicki Carver told Marc Brody, "I killed him...but I didn't kill him!" Vicky invited Marc to her dressing room to tell him more. "Tomorrow might be too late," she said. And tomorrow was too late for Vicky, there would never be anymore tomorrows for her. But was it an accident, suicide, or murder? Someone rang Brody and said, "I know who set Vicky up for the kill." But a killer with an ice pick had a start on him. Guy Stapleton died in Marc's arms. And there were more suspects than hairs on a bearded lady. Ravenne Polvani, the beautiful drug addict. Nina Carver, who wasn't Vicky's sister after all. Alvaro Darcel, who had his own peculiar talent for certain tasks. Ageing playboy Chris Lavery, Marc didn't know till he met Cicely Trivago, the beautiful uninhibited redhead. But then it was too late.....

Printing History
Written by William Henry (W. H.) Williams

Horwitz Publications, Inc

Monday, August 20, 2018

Operation: Lust by M. E. Knerr

Gorgeous models were sacrificed to greedy depravity by filthy flesh peddlers
...who stopped at nothing!

had driven lovely model Betty Gilbert to suicide. In Eric Malloy's book it was spelled MURDER. Eric had been a rugged combat pilot. But when he set out to smash the blood sucking hoodlums who preyed on beautiful girls, he ran into more than flak and tracers! Starting at a shabby dance hall, where the slogan was DEATH FOR A DIME, the big Irishman followed a torrid trail of murdered dolls from bedroom to bedroom. Battered by gang fists and blasted at by gang guns, he bulled ahead to the
Passionate Payoff

Printing History
 Written by Michael E Knerr (1936-1999)

Art Enterprises, Inc
Epic Books

Saturday, August 18, 2018

The Grip Of Lust by Guy Corbett

The Grip Of Lust

HERE is the inside story of what goes on between men and women---


The Greek Girl: Who could turn the back seat of an old car into the most comfortable couch in the world

Mrs. Wickert: Who hated her daughter's moral code, and taunted her for protecting her virginity!

Rebecca: Faithful wife, mother of six children, who discovered the thrill of sex with a stranger in the park!

Yolanda: Who held onto her virginity.....until her tenth year!

Guy Corbett reports the story Kinsey missed. He tells it with skill and power...candidly depicting the art of the seducer, the violence of the rapist, the guilt of the adulterer, the shame of the homosexual, the love of the harlot and the plight of the frigid woman!

Printing History
Written by Guy Corbett

Newstand Library Books 
February 1960

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Stag Magazine May 1958

Stag Magazine May 1958

The Sailor Who Broke Out Of Camp Horror
by James Christopher 
When the Japanese bombed Manila, he was AWOL in a native girl's shack. It was the start of the strangest survival epic of World War II

Printing History
Atlas Magazines, Inc 

Volume 9 No 5
May 1958

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Stag Magazine September 1958

Stag Magazine
Mort Kunstler Cover

The Cowards At Goldwater Creek
by George Mandel (1920 - )
The Rapper gang had taken over the gutless town.  And Cottrell didn't give a damn.

The Blonde Captive of Venezuela's Jungle Empire
by Emile C. Schurmacher ( - 1976)
As Venezuela's man of mystery, he ruled the trackless forests of Gran Sabana

Printing History
Atlas Magazines, Inc
Volume 9 No 9
September 1958