Saturday, March 17, 2018

Summer Of Sin by Orrie Hitt

Clem Evans learned that Nan was good for him.
Emily was easy for him.
Gloria was a challenge to him
Because she needed more than a man!

Summertime ..when the lovin' is easy
And nowhere was it easier than Playland Beach. When Clem Evans arrived on the hot sands, cute beauties in bathing suits threw themselves at him. In Particular there was Nan Gordon, who had her own perverse ideas of what a man should be, and do. And there was Emily, a sultry brunette, so generous that her favors covered the waterfront. There was Gloria Darnell, too, the blonde temptress who was a wholly new experience for him. Gloria was hard to please and impossible to trust, and the delights she gave Clem were only means to a dangerous end. In her embraces Clem was helpless, caught in an erotic web from which there seemed no escape........Until the night he opened the bedroom door and saw for himself to what depraved depths her lusts had driven her! 

Printing History
Written by Orrie Edwin Hitt (1916-1975)

Universal Publishing And Distributing Corp
Beacon Books

Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Harem by Louis Charles Royer

"One Woman Isn't Enough"
the artist said

Shocked by stories of his artist brothers unconventional life  on the primitive isle of Port Cros, Michel Faulcroix abandoned his respectable banker's existence in Paris for the role of the reformer. Like an avenging prophet, he sought to destroy his brother's Mediterranean paradise where three exotic women and one man shared a strange pact of marriage. What Michel discovered, and how he was tempted by the Bohemian life.

Printing History
Written by Louis Charles Royer

Greenberg Publishing
January 1932

Dell Publishing Company
January 1952

Pyramid Books

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Framed In Guilt by Day Keene

Keene's First Novel

Bob Stanton said he didn't know the girl. He said he didn't remember a wife and child in England. He said he hadn't married anyone ever. Then Eve appeared, Eve, blinded in the blitz, who had only her memories of the husband who never came back. Hi-Lo,  pounds of full blooded Sioux, had been through lots of scrapes with Stanton. But murder was one thing, and deserting a beautiful wife, blinded by war, was another. Stanton said he was framed! Well, at least one man agreed with him. Inspector Treech thought he was Framed in Guilt!

Printing History
Written by Gunnar Hjerstedt (1904-1969)

M.S. Mill Company
Graphic Books 

Stark House Press

Monday, March 12, 2018

Dressed To Kill by Milton Ozaki

Boy Meets Body

Cover by Walter Popp

The car was hot, and so was the blonde who drive it. A smart shamus like Rusty Forbes should have known better than to hole up with her in a tourist cabin. By the time that little picnic was over, he found himself custodian of a corpse and on the trail of enough loot to stock a department store. To bad for Rusty that some of Chicago's rougher citizens viewed the situation with alarm. It wasn't enough that the corpse brought the cops down on him. He also had to battle a horde of hoodlums. Fortunately, the hot blonde had a cool friend, even bigger and blonder. She gave Rusty, among other nice things, a tip on how to come out of the deal with a buck or two. Whereupon he quit being a fugitive for justice and dished it out instead, with the aid of his pet .38 equalizer!

Printing History
Written by Milton K Ozaki (1913-1989)

Graphic Books
January 1954

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Strange Sisters by Fletcher Flora

She Dared Enter a Lesbian World

A beautiful young lesbian, Kathy, falls into relationships with women. However, feeling unnatural, she starts to experience bouts of depression that become so intense and protracted, that she tries to escape by letting a man she meets in a bar date her. When the man makes a sexual advance at her, Kathy is so overcome by repulsion that she attacks him violently.

Printing History
Written by Fletcher Flora (1914-1968)

Pyramid Books 

Lion Books
July 1954

Monday, March 5, 2018

Backfire by Dan Marlowe

He Fell In Love With Another Cop's Wife
Then Had To Go Out And Find His Killer

Stakeout For A Killer
They were tough, ambitious cops, Marty Donovan and Tony Alfieri, a good precinct team. They agreed on most things except dames. Tony chased anything in skirts and Marty hated the look of  Lenore Alfieri's face every time her husband cheated. Hated it enough to fall in love with her himself. Then Lenore dreamed up the stakeout, the unauthorized stakeout to catch the murderous jewel who was baffling Headquarters. No one could tell that it would end with Tony bleeding his life away on the jewelry shop floor while his killer escaped. Marty was caught in a squeeze. HE had to build a cover of deceit and lies to protect Lenore and save his badge.

But the job seemed impossible. Somewhere in 
the city was a killer whose face he'd never seen. 
But the killer had seen his.....

Printing History
Written by Dan J Marlowe (1914-1986)

Berkley Medallion Books
G 575 
November 1961

Saturday, March 3, 2018

This Is For Real by James Hadley Chase

When a woman turns up in Paris with information to sell to the CIA, is it for real? It soon becomes clear that it is, and the CIA aren't the only ones to realize it

Robert Henry Carey was a spy who had defected to Russia and when the news leaked out that he had changed sides again an intensive and ruthless manhunt was on. From the glamour and nerve shattering noise of Paris the hunt switches to the violent and scorched wastelands of Senegal, West Africa.

There is Fat Rossland who doesn't recognize trouble when it sits on his lap:
Girland, a dissatisfied agent who is greedy for money and women:
Dualnay who fatally plays the ends against the middle:
Radnitz, the sinister tycoon with a past:
And finally Malik, the blonde Russian, with whom Girland tangles in a deadly battle of wits:

Printing History
Written by René Brabazon Raymond (1906-1985)

Robert Hale 

The Thriller Book Club

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Vengeance Is Mine by Mickey Spilliane

Mike Hammer Thriller

Chester Wheeler was a nice guy. Now he's dead. That's all Hammer knows about the stiff in the hotel room. But that isn't enough because Hammer suspects murder while the cops are calling it a suicide. Without a license or a gun, Hammer is pushing his way through a swirl of sex-and-game clubs, high priced models and not just a little blackmail. Someone is working hard to frame Hammer and he's working hard to find out why. Everywhere he turns, he keeps coming up against a blonde beauty named Juno. She holds the key to the crime wave that could unlock the mystery behind the nice guy's murder.

Printing History
Written by Frank Morrison Spillane (1918-2006)

  E.P Dutton

Signet Books

August 1962

Monday, February 26, 2018

High Tide Temptress by Marc Brody

She's Floating A Racket To Land Brody In A Crime Wave.........

She had the whole male clientele yelling their heads off and screaming for more, all except Brody. He was trying to figure out why a lush thrush like Gina Crespi was singing in a city as small and drawing a tenth of the pay she'd rate in New York....

Maybe she was looking for something....

Back in her dressing room after the show Marc began to get the idea was looking at him had the hottest espionage story to hit the headlines for ten years, and she wanted to trade it to Uncle Sam for entry to the U.S. for her lover, Tony Esposito, who was lammed out of the States to the Far East a while back when the FBI closed in on his pals in the Defense Department..... 

Gina figured Brody was just the guy to sell Washington on the story, and the payoff, the press scoop of the century.......

But it was the third one that had Marc figuring that he wouldn't live long enough to make those front page banner headlines....

Printing History
Written by W.H. (Bill) Williams

 Horwitz Publication, Inc
Numbered Series 
September 1958


Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Needle by Sloane Britain

Man Or Woman, Sister Or Brother: Her Lust Knew No Bounds! 

Pitilessly exposes the depravity 
of the true addict, who takes lovers 
without number, performers every 
heinous vice, in order to embrace her 
one true love.........the needle!

Printing History
Written by Elaine Williams ( - 1964)

Universal Publishing And Distributing Corp
Beacon Book