Sunday, January 2, 2011

Strictly For Felony by Carter Brown

1956 Horwitz Edition
The main character of this 1956 Carter Brown tale is Joe Keeling. He is a fixer and is building himself quite a reputation around town. Anytime someone is in trouble, go and see Joe and he will fix it. Get drunk and kill somebody, Joe will fix it. Take out a girl, get drunk, and beat her, Joe will fix it. In this story a movie producer is in trouble. The big boys have sunk over a million dollars into a motion picture that will have to fight its way through censorship. Joe is to frame the dame who is trying to take the producer for some money. Joe frames the dame ok but there are complications. Somebody murders somebody and frames him for the murder. All he has to do is stay clear of the blondes, keep out of the cops way, and beat the big wheels at their own game. Strictly For Felony is the 21st entry in Horwitz's Number Series. Horwitz also published this title in 1959 along with the title Murder She Says in the Second Collectors Edition Volume 1, Number 23.

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