Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Butcher of Belgrade by Ralph Eugene Hayes and Larry Powell

A bloody manhunt across Europe for a faceless killer

A killer at the top of his bloody profession

For Sale
Top-secret nuclear device. Contact Topcon, Inc. Bid already received from U.S.S.R.

Award 2nd Printing
A man unknown to any professional intelligence service in the world. The mastermind behind a billion-dollar private spy network called Topcon, Inc. A sadist whose brutal power reached halfway across the world.

In Paris
The Red defector scheduled to fill Nick Carter in about Topcon's deadly game was knifed before he could utter a word.

In Lausanne
The beautiful young German agent used every trick of her well-trained mind and body to destroy Nick's chance of finding Topcon.

In Milan
The Chinese operative almost stopped Nick permanently with a killing karate chop. He was also after the man who ran Topcon.

In Trieste
The mistress of a Nazi war criminal forced Nick into an explosive game of hide-and-seek. And while he sidetracked Nick, Topcon's elusive No. 1 man escaped once more.

In Belgrade
A macabre masquerade turned into a nightmare as Nick Carter finally discovered the true identity of Topcon's master!

Tandem Edition
Printing History
Written by Ralph Eugene Hayes and Larry Powell

Award AN1109 April 1973
Award AQ1569 April 1976

Tandem 13637 1974

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