Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Kremlin File by W.T. Ballard

There are many ways to kill a man...

Chinese assassins prefer a knife. Others use bare hands.
American pros favor high-powered guns.
Russian killers choose dynamite.

There is one man who can defeat the many ways of death. 
His name is Nick Carter Killmaster.

This time Nick will have to use his predatory skills to deal with the butchers sent his way.

Tandem Edition
The military dictator of a small, Caribbean island is killed in an air crash and a frantic scramble to fill the political vacuum begins. Before Cuba can establish relations, before the Russians set up important missile bases, before total chaos invades the island, Nick Carter must endeavor to reinstate the former benevolent president, Randolph Fleming. Willing to finance the whole project is a tycoon who owns valuable business assets on the island and is bitterly opposed to Communist takeover. Nick Carter was used to being shot at, knifed, poisoned and threatened in every possible way but he was only just prepared for the explosive Kremlin File.

Award Edition

Printing History

Written by W.T. Ballard

Award AN1165 September 1973
Award AQ1502 December 1975

Tandem 15720 1976

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