Saturday, July 16, 2011

The List by James Fritzhand

Every American intelligence agent in the Orient was on the list.
Each a target for assassination.
Unless Nick Carter Killmaster could get the list first!

Universal Edition
A trail of blood.
Flying to Hong Kong to purchase a microfilmed list of U.S. intelligence agents more important than twenty nuclear secrets. Nick Carter found the seller dead, the film vanished, and an international squad of killers waiting for him. Nick had one lead. A lead that would take him from the elegant museum world of Hong Kong to an abandoned temple where instant death was the new religion, and the rites performed by an evil high priestess of killing!

George Gross cover

An AXE obituary column
Bret Rawlings: Agent N-6, sent to Hong Kong to purchase the microfilm. Dead of a phoney OD.

Poy Chu: Chinese double agent. He had the microfilm to sell. But now he is dead.

Wai Tsang: Poy Chu's underground contact who tried to make the deal with Nick. He was dead before he could open his mouth.

Tou Wan: Women whose name was scrawled on the back of Poy Chu's museum ticket. She had the film in her possession. Trouble was she had been dead for 2,000 years!

Award Edition
Printing History
Written by James Fritzhand

Award AQ1556 1976
Universal 426 18550 1978
Charter 441 48466 1980

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