Sunday, November 13, 2011

Chameleon #1 by Jerry LaPlante

The Wrath of Garde
Like you, he's mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore!

He's the vigilante of today!
The Bond of the 80's!
And the Hulk of tomorrow!

He's Vance Garde, the mild-mannered, scientific engineering genius, who as a child hero-worshiping the infamous 007 and Incredible Hulk. Now, over twenty years later, aroused to a fury by the slightest injustice, he changes into the ruthless, deadly vindicators know an the Chameleon. A rude remark, an annoying glare, it does not take much to set him off. To suddenly transform him from his usual non-committed self into a one man army hell-bent on revenge! His schemes are outrageous. His equipment is unique. To his colleagues he is a dedicated innovator. To the ladies he is the original Macho Man. And to his enemies he is an attack force to be eliminated, or avoided at all costs!

Printing History
Written by Jerry LaPlante

Kensington Publishing Corp
Zebra Books
ISBN 89083 437
January 1979


  1. The cover artist is George Wilson, who did so many Gold Key Comics as well as paperbacks.

  2. Thanks for the info. Where ever did you dig that up?