Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Interlopers by Donald Hamilton

Who stands between the President and an assassin's bullet?
Matt Helm.....

Mission #12
Matt Helm finds out just how fatal blond hair can be when he takes over another man's identity, fiancee, and fate.

Matt Helm has had some pretty tough assignments but this one beat them all. For the fate of the entire free world rests on his cunning skill in outwitting a madman bent on destruction. The madman's quest? To assassinate the President of the United States! How can Matt Helm stop him? By putting his very life on the line as a decoy. In one of the most bizarre mixed-doubles counterespionage missions anyone's ever heard of. Matt Helm discovers that he isn't immune to fear, but that sheer guts will come to rescue every time.

Printing History
Copyright May 1969

Fawcett Gold Medal Books
449-02464  M2494  ($0.95)
449-13994 (14th Printing) ($1.75)

Ballantine Books
1st Printing December 1983
2nd Printing (449-12907) February 1986

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