Monday, September 16, 2013

Crime Fiction Alphabet 2013: The Letter X

The Crime Fiction Alphabet keeps rolling along in the home stretch with just three weeks left. We are currently in week 24 with the letter X. Kerrie over at her blog Mysteries in Paradise is kind enough to host this community meme. The rules a quite simple. By Friday of each week participants write a blog post about crime fiction related to the letter of the week. The post must be related to either the first letter of a book's title, the first letter of an author's first name, or the first letter of the author's surname, or even maybe a crime fiction "topic". But above all, it has to be crime fiction. This time around I will be featuring a Carter Brown title for each letter of the alphabet.

Unfortunately there is not a valid Carter Brown title with the letter X in it. 
So the next best is from another author.

J.J. Henderson: X is for X Dames

A Lucy Ripken Mystery

New York writer/photographer Lucy Ripken gets lucky when an old friend calls with fabulous job offer. Come to LA to work on a new reality TV show called The X Dames. The TV show features a shifting cast of curvaceous female athletes competing in extreme sports. Bored in New York and slightly desperate for a paying job, Lucy jumps at the chance and makes a move to Southern California. Soon she finds herself en route to Mexico’s Pacific coast, to the small but booming resort town of Sayulita, location for the show’s premiere event: a women’s surfing contest. Gigantic surf, real estate shenanigans, and a mysterious death by drowning combine to transform the reality show into a real-time investigation of murder in the high waves. With video cameras recording everything for the upcoming premiere of The X Dames, Lucy and her pals soon find themselves deeply enmeshed in uncovering a conspiracy involving crooked real estate dealers, corrupt politicians, and an old nemesis returning from one of Lucy’s earlier adventures.

Printing History
J.J. Henderson 

Vanguard Press
CDS Books
copyright 2006
ISBN 1 59315 289
September 2006


  1. Sounds interesting. A contemporary topic.

  2. Scott - An interesting choice, and a good use of today's fascination with unscripted TV shows. Nice, attention-getting cover too.