Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Threateners by Donald Hamilton

An old flame.
A simple favor.
It's a mix that might get Matt Helm killed...

Double Threat
A ruthless South American drug lord has a plan to bring the united States to its knees. A group of renegade American agents has plans to smash the kingpin and his cartel, by any means necessary. Caught in the middle, Matt Helm's got to do double duty to stop them both. He's protecting a woman with information both sides would kill for and trying to keep himself alive while he's doing it. With his own government turned against him, Matt doesn't know whom he can trust. And when the cocaine cowboys ans the killer G-men start closing in, Matt knows he's bound to catch hell no matter which way he turns.

Printing History
Written by Donald Hamilton (1916-2006)


Random House, Inc
Ballantine Books
Fawcett Gold Medal Books

ISBN 449 14681

September 1992

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  1. Oh, I remember the television series based on this character. Thanks for the memory, Scott.