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The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

An expedition to a plateau in the Amazon basin of South America where 
prehistoric animals, dinosaurs and other extinct creatures, still survive

Edward Malone is a reporter for the Daily Gazette, goes to his news editor, McArdle, to procure a dangerous and adventurous mission in order to impress the woman he loves, Gladys Hungerton. He is sent to interview Professor George Edward Challenger to determine if his claims about his trip to South America are true. Challenger reveals his discovery of dinosaurs in South America. Having been ridiculed for years, he invites Malone on a trip to prove his story, along with Professor Summerlee,  who is another scientist qualified to examine any evidence, and Lord John Roxton, an adventurer who knows the Amazon.  


The Films

The Lost World (1925)
Wallace Beery as Professor Challenger
Lewis Stone as Lord John Roxton
Lloyd Hughes as Edward Malone
Bessie Love as Paula White 
Arthur Hoyt as Professor Summerlee
Alma Bennett as Gladys Hungerford
Bull Montana as Gomez
Jules Cowes as Zambo

The Lost World (1960)
Claude Rains as Professor Challenger
Michael Rennie as Lord John Roxton
David Hedison as Edward Malone
Jill St. John as Jennifer Holmes
Richard Haydn as Professor Summerlee
Fernando Lamas as Manuel Gomez
Ray Stricklyn as David Holmes
Jay Novello as Costa

The Lost World (1992)
John Rhys-Davies as Professor Challenger
Eric McCormack as Edward Malone
Tamara Gorski as Jenny Nielson
David Warner as Professor Summerlee
Nathania Stanford as Malu

The Lost World (1998)
Patrick Bergin as Professor Challenger
David Nerman as Lord Roxton
Julian Casey as Arthur Malone
Jayne Heitmeyer as Amanda White
Michael Sinelnikoff as Professor Leo Summerlee
Gregoriane Minot Payeur as Djena

The Lost World (2001)
Bob Hoskins as Professor Challenger
Tom Ward as Lord John Phillip Roxton
Matthew Rhys as Edward Malone
Elaine Cassidy as Agnes Cluny
James Fox as Professor Leo Summerlee
Peter Falk as Reverend Theo Kerr

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  1. I like this look at the 'non-Sherlock' world of Conan Doyle.