Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Longest Day (1962)

Based on the 1959 history book The Longest Day by Cornelius Ryan, about D-Day, the Normandy landings on June 6, 1944, during World War II.

Beginning in the days leading up to D-Day, the film concentrates on events on both sides of the channel such as the Allies waiting for the break in the poor weather and the anticipation of the Axis forces defending northern France. The film pays particular attention to the decision by General Eisenhower, supreme commander of he Allies, to go after reviewing the initial bad weather reports as well as the divisions within the German High Command on where an invasion might happen or what response to it should be. The film chronicles most of the important events surrounding D-Day. From the British glider missions to secure Pegasus Bridge, the counterattacks launched by American paratroopers scattered around Sainte-Mère-Église, the infiltration and sabotage work conducted by the French resistance and SOE agents, and the response by the Wehrmacht to the invasion and the uncertainty to whether it was a feint in preparation for crossings at the Pas de Calais

Directed by
Ken Annakin
Andrew Marton 
Bernhard Wicki 

 Based on the Book
The Longest Day
by Cornelius Ryan (1920-1974) 

John Wayne  Kenneth More
 Richard Todd  Robert Mitchum
Richard Burton Sean Connery
Henry Fonda  Red Buttons
Peter Lawford  Eddie Albert
Jeffrey Hunter  Stuart Whitman
Tom Tryon  Rod Steiger, Leo Genn
Gert Fröbe, Irina Demick, Bourvil
Curt Jürgens, Robert Wagner, Paul Anka and Arletty.

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