Sunday, May 24, 2015

Action In The North Atlantic (1943)

Humphrey Bogart and Raymond Massey 
as sailors in the U.S. Merchant Marine in World War II

An oil tanker commanded by Captain Steve Jarvis (played by Raymond Massey) is sunk in the north Atlantic Ocean by a German U-boat. He and the first officer, (played by Humphrey Bogart), make it to a lifeboat along with other crewmen. The U-boat crew starts filming their plight they respond with rude gestures and are rammed. The men swim to a raft and are rescued 11 days later. They are back to sea on a new Liberty ship, the SS Seawitch, on a convoy carrying vital war supplies to the Soviet port of Murmansk. Attacked by a wolfpack of German U-boats that were hunting for convoys. The U-boat sights the ship again after they convoy had dispersed and hits her with a torpedo. Bogart's character orders the men to set fires and make smoke so that it appears as if the ship is sinking. When the submarine surfaces to finish her off, the ship rams and sinks it. The Seawitch then limps into Murmansk to a warm Russian welcome.

Directed by
Lloyd Bacon
Byron Haskin
Raoul Walsh

Humphrey Bogart as First Officer Joe Rossi
Raymond Massey as Captain Steve Jarvis
Alan Hale, Sr. as Alfred "Boats" O'Hara
Julie Bishop as Pearl O'Neill
Ruth Gordon as Sarah Jarvis
Sam Levene as "Chips" Abrams
Dane Clark as Johnnie Pulaski
Peter Whitney as "Whitey" Lara
Dick Hogan as Cadet Ezra Parker

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