Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Burgos Contract by Angus Ross

Mark Farrow is given the kind of assignment he hates the most.
Eliminating an enemy agent. 
This case is even more difficult because the target is a woman.
Still, she did blow up his trailer.

Mike Farrow wants to retire, so his is cajoled into yet another assignment. Knocking off his archenemy, KGB super-agent Anna Serov, while she is on a rendezvous with an IRA villain in a Spanish hideaway. So Mike sails for Spain and teams up with a lovely CIA agent,who is also on the Anna Serov trail. By the time that Farrow has his showdown in Burgos with Anna, he has wrangled with local fascists and captured a local communist. He has to exchange the communist for his CIA lady, who's been nabbed by the KGB. The mission accomplished and all that remains is to escape from Spain in the trunk of a car.

Printing History
Written by Angus Ross

Walker & Company 

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