Thursday, December 14, 2017

This Way To Hell by Spike Morelli

This Way To Hell

Cover by Reginald Heade
When dames get tough anything can happen and usually does. Shaun O'Malley, slick, confident shamus, finds that he is up against a syndicate that is completely merciless in which women play a major part. Free-lance agents, who's sell their own mothers, and whom no country would own, are seeking secret information in the U.S. Vice and murder walk hand in hand as they make contacts with the underworld. The breathtaking Julie, who has a figure that would make even Venus de Milo hide in shame, and who would risk anything in the adventurous arms of a ruthless killer, finds O'Malley too tough to handle. Shaun likes his women and likes them beautiful, but there are limits to which he won't go. He'll take what he can get when he can, but there can't be strings attached. From ship to shore, from Chicago to Chicago, it's rough tough going all the way and he has to use his wits to keep alive.

Printing History
 Written by William Simpson Newton (1923-2009)

 Leisure Library
October 1952

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