Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Revolt Of Abbe Lee by James MacBrian

She Always Got Her Way
No Matter What The Cost

Cover by Tom Miller
Beware Of Abbe Lee!
She was Abbe Lee..luscious, nubile, amoral..a girl ready to revolt because she'd always been ignored by the domineering males in her family. Jacob, her father, and Michael, a brother. It was time for revenge.

Only one way presented itself. To wreck the family business. But what chance does an inexperienced girl, inexperienced in business, that is...have to outmaneuver men who know all the ins and outs of throat cutting? Any other woman night have given up the idea, but Abbe went into battle using the only weapon she had..her willing body.

From then on it was simply a matter of trading certain intimacies for cooperation from the professional destroyers who were suddenly eager to see that Abbe Lee gained her ends.

Printing History
Written by Richard Alan Curtis (1937- )

Monarch Books
April 1964

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