Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ice Bomb Zero by George Snyder

Universal Edition
A frozen setting.....Somewhere in the coldest and most desolate area on Earth, the Chinese have hidden a deadly missile base. A serious threat to the balance of power. It had to be found and destroyed, despite screaming blizzards, prowling animals, a fool-proof Chinese defense system, and very touchy Soviet-American partnership.

A lukewarm alliance......When AXE tells Nick Carter he will be working with a female operative from Russia, he is steeled for the worst. But both agents are pros and soon develop a cautious respect for each other. Besides, she is beautiful and Nick Carter is Nick Carter, and where they are going the nights are long and cold.

Boiling suspense.........Between the lethal environment, a treacherous ally, and the ferocious Chinese crack troops, Nick has an eerie feeling that this is the mission we won't escape alive.

Award Edition
Deadly risks and nerve chilling surprises. AXE had received information that the Chinese were constructing a top secret base impregnable to attack. The location of the Chinese installation was somewhere thousands of feet below the Arctic ice. Nick Carter's mission was to find the base and destroy it before the Chinese used it gain world dominance. But waiting for Nick were an elite corps of Chinese troops, a dangerous spy, and the deadly Arctic cold.

Tandem Edition

Printing History
Written by George Synder

Award Series
1st (A787S) March 1971
2nd (AN1098) 14 million mark
3rd (AN1098) 17 million mark (1974)
4th (AD1696) 1977 Cancelled

Tandem Series
1st (426 6226) 1972
Reprint (unkn) Dec 1972
Universal Reprint (426 7341) unkn

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