Friday, March 4, 2011

Tomorrow is Murder by Carter Brown

A screwball TV show predicts the first corpse and dizzy blonde Mavis Seidlitz collects the second.

Horwitz Edition
When a curvy blonde bombshell named Mavis Seidlitz guests on a nighttime TV-show, the camera angle is murder. Bubbles is the kind of platinum blonde who separates the boys from the men. The type of doll who usually gets in Mavis' hair. But this time the daffy detective is too busy trying to stop a murder. Mavis knows the time, the place, and the victim. All were announced coast to coast on a late TV show. What she did not know is that the killer has rated her as second the cast of corpses.

Barye Cover                                                    Lesser Cover

Printing History

Horwitz Series
Numbered Series #86 1960
Long Story Magazine #15 Oct 1960
International Edition #18 1962

Signet Series
S1806 June 1960
D3561 Aug 1968
D3561 Aug 1968 (Canada)

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