Friday, April 19, 2013

Jake Strait Bogeyman #2 by Frank Rich

A bounty hunter turns reluctant revolutionary in the hellish free for all of the future

The Devil Knocks

Hell  Is For The Living
It is 2031, and beyond the lawless inner city lie the badlands where chemical and biological cesspools have driven nature to delirium and disorder. Massive superhighways crisscross he ruined countryside, promising a one way ticket  to anybody's worst nightmare. Denver is a police state, and a revolution waiting to happen. Jake Strait's job runs more to knocking off killers, not toppling cities. But things get hot enough in his own particular corner of hell hurtling across a toxic wasteland against an impregnable fortress looks good. Now Jake is the chosen hero of the hour, in a flat out race for the finish line where even victory will place him in double jeopardy.

Printing History
written by Frank Rich (1946 - )

World Wide Library 
Gold Eagle Books
September 1983
ISBN 373-63608

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