Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Son, The Double Agent by Ted Mark

Ted Mark Spy Thriller #8

Spies Have Mothers, Too!
......and Steve Victor's mother worried!

Steve couldn't understand why. After all everything was normal...normal for Steve Victor, that is. He had a new top-secret assignment from the highest levels of the United States government. As usual, it was on a "take it, or else" basis, the enemy's aim was world domination, and he was totally on his own, without even a hope of assistance if he goofed. What could be new? Well..maybe life was a little tougher than normal. The enemy had even greater resources and fantastic weapons than usual.Even more women than usual were giving him the runaround. Then, too, he was facing a murder rap he hadn't committed. And there seemed to be a clever Romeo who was exact double committing all sorts of dastardly acts which he was getting blamed for.....Oh P.S., Mom: He lost his pants!

Printing History
Written by Theodore Mark Gottfried (1928- )

Lancer Books
73-485 (1966)

The actor on the cover is Steve Holland (1925-1997)

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