Friday, August 2, 2013

Thunder In The East by Mack Maloney

Disarmed and leaderless after a savage Russian sneak attack, the United States is united no longer. But a lone jet fighter ace has emerged to lift America from the ashes of defeat. A fearless warrior of the skies, he has come to restore his fallen homeland to greatness. He is Hawk Hunter, WINGMAN!

Freedom's Watershed
The armies of freedom how control the western U.S.But the evil New Order is rising a huge mercenary force to reclaim America, and Hawk Hunter, the battered nation's most fearless top gun fighter pilot, takes to the air to prevent this catastrophe from occurring. Hid goal: to rescue the country's major eastern cities from the treacherous clutches of the occupying death masters. From the cockpit of a remarkable mini-plane, Hunter launches a series of spectacular bombing raids, leading his vastly outnumbered liberation fighters much needed air support. But total victory calls for ingenuity and surprise, as Hawk attempts to infiltrate the overwhelming foe's inner circle, flying right into the hands of the very people who most want him dead!

Wingman #4

Printing History
written by Brian Kelleher
copyright 1988

Kensington Publishing Corp
Zebra Books
ISBN 8217 2543
1st Printing September 1988

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