Friday, November 5, 2010

Danger Key by Lew Louderback

Danger Key was published at the same time with Hanoi in 1966. Arch enemy Mr Judas returns to settle an old score with Nick. CLAW is back once again and backs Judas again. CIA Ralph Benson was killed and the connection is a beautiful women in a white convertible. Nick Carter is to take the dead CIA agents place to find out how the Communist Chinese are smuggling agents in Florida under the cover of Cuban refugees.

Printing History
1st Award (A 183F) 1966
2nd Award (A 383X ) 1968
3rd Award (A 491X) 1969
4th Award (A 491X) 1970
5th Award (AN 1177) 1973
1st Tandem 1968
Reprint Tandem (4260 7034 8) 1973

Julie Baron make an appearance in this title.

I will not post the Tandem scan as it is a little to racey.

 2nd Printing                                     3rd Printing/4th printing
5th Printing?