Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Weapon Of Night by Valerie Moolman

The last Nick Carter adventure written by Valerie Moolman was titled The Weapon of Night. Weapon of Night brings three foreign agents to America to help Night Carter battle a diabolical plot by Nick's arch enemy Mr Judas. The blackout of November 1965 set the stage, an eight state power outage. that led  The United States  to become the easiest target to render it totally helpless. Now was the time to revisit the rolling blackouts, the strange lights in the sky, and the dreaded stinging smog. Hakim Sadek, the Egyptian criminologist from Safari For Spies. Valentina Sichikova, Russian agent, from The 13th Spy. And Julie Baron, OCI agent, from Run Spy Run and  Fraulein Spy. These three agents help Nick as he goes to take down Judas and his band of "night crawlers"

Scanned Covers
First Printing                                                Second Printing

Third Printing                                               1974 Printing

Mayflower Reprint                                     Charter Reprint
Printing History
1st Award (A 215F ) 1967
2nd Award (A 385X) 1968
3rd Award (A 641X) 1970
4th Award (AN 1094) 1972
5th Award (AN 1094) 1974
Mayflower (583 11327 3 2) 1968
Mayflower Reprint (583 11327 3 2) 1970
Mayflower Reprint (583 11327 3 2) 1974
Ace Charter Reprint (441 87635-8) August 1979

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