Friday, November 5, 2010


Hanoi was written by Valerie Moolman and was the fifteenth novel in the Nick Carter Killmaster Series. Publication date was in 1966. The fly sleeve does not give any formation as to the month of publication. Awards Books did away with the month, only to give the information later in the series with a reprint. The story goes that a green beret special forces unit is in Vietnam, the ops leader finds a top secret base near Hanoi which is guarded by Chinese soldiers and staffed by top-level German scientists. The site turns out to be very big missile launching site, this was job for Nick Carter.

Printing History
1st Award 1966 (A 182F)
2nd Award January 1968 (A 312X)
1st Tandem 1966?
2nd Tandem January 1968 (T 187)
3rd Award 1969 (A 312X)
4th Award 1970 (A 312X) Error on fly-sleeve, incorrect printing

Might be some other printing, which I do not have.

I will only post one scan. The reason is there is no other cover available. All covers are the same whether it be from Award or Tandem.

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  1. The first Nick Carter I ever read, and one of my favorites for that reason.