Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mayhem On The Coney Beat by Michael Geller

It Takes A Tough Cop To Walk The Coney Beat, 
And Bud Dugan Was A Tough Cop!

Back On The Beat
Former Detective Bud Dugan was back on the beat after roughing up a suspected dope peddler with connections. Dugan was sore, good and sore. And he didn't calm down any when he learned that his partner of three years, John Compagna, had been found dead of 'natural causes' in very suspicious circumstances. Bud wasn't going to let his friends death get swept under the rug. And he had a score to settle with angel Perez, the dealer who'd gotten him busted. But a good cop can't allow himself to get hung up on personal vendettas when all hell is breaking loose in his precinct. Bud had to deal with the Coney Island Bomber and the Jack-The-Ripper type who was slashing up the local prostitutes as well as the day to day routine of a cop on the Coney Island beat.

Printing History
Written by Michael Geller

Bud Dugan #1
Tower Publications, Inc
ISBN 505-51353 CDC

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