Monday, February 6, 2012

Operation: McMurdo Sound by David Hagberg

Massive death strikes the South Pole as Nick Carter races to uncover the source of a deadly biological nerve gas.

George Gross Cover
Operation: McMurdo Sound
The man had been driving much too fast, and suddenly his snowmobile plunged down into a deep ravine. As a hissing sound escaped from one of the gas canisters, he started screaming in horrendous pain, biting through his tongue and drowning in his own blood....

The helicopter with the pilot and crewmen landed safely at the research installation. But minutes later a horrifying scream for help came over the radio. And then nothing.....

When all contact is lost with an American research camp doing military work on genetic engineering, Nick Carter is sent to McMurdo Sound to do the obvious. But when one hideous corpse turns up after another, Nick soon realizes that nothing can prepare him for what he is about to discover.

Printing History
Written by David Hagberg

Charter Books
441 63400
June 1982

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