Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Shadowers by Donald Hamilton

A madman's scheme to secretly follow prominent public figures runs smack in to Matt Helm....

Ballantine Second Printing
Mission #7
An agent like Matt Helm might be a nice man to live with for a while. But he's not the kind a woman would want to marry, Unless, perhaps, she had to. Unless, perhaps, the marriage was part of an ingenious cover. Here the man whose daily bread is violence takes himself the most unlikely bride in the world. Just to make sure that death doesn't part them....

Ballantine First Printing
Matt Helm like women just fine and more than once he's made a snap decision to get involved with a women he's just met. But an instant marriage is something else. In this case, it's all in the line of duty. A political maniac with a devious plan to shadow public figures, and kill them in a violent takeover plot, can only be stopped by using a beautiful women as bait. Matt's superiors decide she needs plenty of protection, in the form of a "husband" lurking nearby. 

1965 Edition
Printing History
Written by Donald Hamilton

Fawcett Gold Medal Books
Copyright 1964
First Printing (March 1964)
d1602 (December 1965)

Ballantine Books
449-14006-7 1st Printing (February 1984)
449-13193-9 Second Printing (February 1987)

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