Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Blonde Target by Richard Reinsmith

She was a beautiful starlet.
And someone wanted to put her lights out!

Bodyguard #2
Ray Martin carries a Schmeisser submachine gun in an attache case and two first fulls of knuckles on each hand. As for women, he takes them when he wants, and leaves them wanting. His latest client is April Harris, a beautiful blonde starlet, whom someone is trying to knock off. Martin finds out in short order that April is hard to handle, but he handles her anyway. He keeps trying to pump her for more information about the guy who is supposed to be after her, but her answers come slow and empty. But Ray finds out the hard way that the killer is alive and well, when he tries to give Martin some impromptu heart surgery in a crowded airport. 

Printing History

Tower Publications, Inc
Tower Books
ISBN 505-51565

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  1. did he write a follow up to the savage stars,thanks.