Friday, May 18, 2012

Remember Maybelle? by Carter Brown

Who's got those naughty photos?
The sexpot?
The blackmailer?
Or the murderer?

Rick Holman's got to find out, even if it kills him...!

Signet Photo Cover
Bullets, bodies, and blackmail
was the script that gave private eye Rick Holman a starring role in a Hollywood caper which set pistols and shutters clicking. Of course, Rick should have known better than to accept the job when his movie making client offered him a buxom and very willing brunette, just to sweeten the deal. And he should have called it quits the moment that other well-stacked babe showed up, with love in her eyes and nothing but murder and money on her mind. But Rick was determined to play his part to the end. At least, until he discovered the last scene finished a big finale. A real show stopper were Rick Holman would smile innocently at the camera while some big, bad thug filled him full of real live lead...!

Printing History

copyright 1976 by
Horwitz  Group Books Pty Ltd
Hong Kong B.C.C.

New American Library
Signet Books
in association with Horwitz Publications
ISBN 451 Y6995 
May 1976

Even though this title was in association with Horwitz, it was never published in Australia.

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