Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Captives of Corruption by Reuben Paul

Captives of Corruption

Professor Kiedmuth Booker had disappeared by assuming another identity. He had had to escape from the consequences of his own work on viruses, which the Nazi regime wanted to develop into a vile and horrifying weapon to be used against civilian populations. As the only man capable of completing the work, Professor Booker had refused to go down in history as mankind's betrayer. By a quirk of fate, Booker, in his new identity, had been caught up with others and thrown into a concentration camp. Had the Nazis discovered that they actually had Booker in their own hands, the only solution to him would have been death. But out of love for his beautiful daughter, Freda, he had not only to survive the camp, he had to escape from it. Soon, Kiedmuth, Freda, and her lover, Dr Kurt Jager, were plotting an escape from Germany. An escape that could only be carried out by the deaths of all the workers at the laboratory.

Printing History
Written by Reuben Paul

Calvert Publishing Company
Sydney Australia
No date.

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