Monday, September 17, 2012

Secret Mission: The Kremlin Plot by Don Smith

A dead Russian skyjacker...
A vital Soviet secret............
And Phil Sherman becomes a moving target as four major powers zero in for the kill!

Americans.... Moscow usually find the reception chilly. But when Phil Sherman accidentally finds some stolen Soviet missile plans, the Russians capital quickly becomes a hot spot.

...agents tend to be very frank. They inform Sherman that he has two choices: sell the plans to them or die. And Britain is an ally.

...methods are even more persuasive, like pushing bamboo needles under the fingernails. Trying to doublecross Mao is suicide, but Sherman has no other option.

...come in two varieties, those working for the state and those working for themselves. The first includes the notorious Secret Police. A permanent sentence to Siberia is the least that could happen to Sherman if they catch him. The second variety covers a beautiful female scientist, desperate for the missile plans and willing to use all of her considerable talents to get them back.

Never before has one man's life been worth so little to so many!

Printing History
Written by Don Smith

Universal Publishing and Distributing Corp
Universal-Award House Inc
Award Books
A866 August 1971
AQ1402 January 1975

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  1. Scott - Oh these covers are so vintage! Thanks for sharing.