Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Terrorizers by Donald Hamilton

A terrific adventure featuring the incredible Matt Helm

When they fished him out of the bay and he woke up in a Canadian hospital, he had no idea who he was. The plane crash had wiped his mind clean of the past. Then this gorgeous chick waltzed into his room and told him he was Paul Madden, a photographer, her fiance, which seemed like a pretty good deal. Except when some joker called on the phone and told him he was Matt Helm. Somehow he knew this meant trouble. Bad trouble.

Cover by JRush
Printing History
Written by Donald Hamilton (1916-2006)


Fawcett Gold Medal Books
September 1977
ISBN 449 13865
2nd Printing

Ballantine Books
ISBN 449 12597
August 1983

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