Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Justice For A Jinx by Marc Brody

A Crime Reporter's Inside Story

When Dr. Chris Bryan came out of San Queseda prison Marc Brody followed him to a cheap motel and saved his life was saved from an assassin's knife. And then Brody found himself acting the role of Dr. Bryan on the way to New Orleans to find murder and more murder. On the plane somebody was murdered and four more died violently in New Orleans. Always the killers were waiting while the frantic search by police and criminals for Skip, the Jinx with the flame-colored hair became more and more urgent. Skip held the key to Brody's life or death. But he earned more than a medical degree when in the role of Dr. Bryan, he was forced to examine several gorgeous babes......

Printing History
Written by W. H. ‘Bill’ Williams

Horwitz Publications Inc.
for and on behalf of Transport Publishing Company
March 1957

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