Sunday, October 12, 2014

Traveling the Globe Day 11

Today we continue our journey on Traveling The Globe. As we leave Vienna and travel to our next destination we ponder to which way we go. After a brief team meeting, it was decide that we will travel to Berlin, the capital of Germany.

The Rape of Berlin
by W. Howard Baker

Even as the Soviets take Berlin in April 1945 and begin a period of pillage and worse, Richard Quintain is sent to the German capital to find the blueprints for the third generation of V rockets before the Communists get them.
 Drum Beat - Berlin
by Stephen Marlowe

Lorelei doesn't trust Chester Drum because he, like others, thinks her boyfriend is a double agent. She distrusts him even he promises to smuggle her father from East Berlin into the West. Now Drum has to trust she won't kill him or let the East Germans do it.

Funeral in Berlin
by Len Deighton

The British wanted the Soviet scientist. So did the Israelis. The ones not wanting him were the Communists. For money, they would hand him over to Harry in East Berlin. There another group would, for money, sneak him across to the West. Everyone got something they wanted. Then betrayals started and people began to die.

by Jon Messman
Billions of dollars have been funneled through various means to the coffers of a neo-Nazi organization whose leader is determined to become the next Fuhrer.

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