Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Traveling The Globe: Day #7

Today we are continuing our quest in Traveling The Globe. Since we were in northern Italy yesterday, we decided to travel the capital, Rome. Who knows where were will be next time.

A Killing In Rome
by Robert Rostand

The now deposed head of the KGB has a diary worth five million if he can get it to Rome. The Soviets and the CIA are just two of the parties who want to take it. He turns to Locken, an old enemy, as the one man who can make it happen. 
Our Agent In Rome Is Missing
by Al Hine 
Plot about a fishy movie being shot in Rome. Informant is killed and Nick is sent to investigate.

The death of an informant in Rome convinces AXE that he was on to something major. Nick Carter is sent to investigate but whoever killed before is ready to do it again.

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