Thursday, October 23, 2014

Traveling The Globe Day #20

Singapore is the place today in our further adventures of Traveling the Globe. Singapore is also called the Republic of Singapore and is a sovereign city state in Southeast Asia. And it lies off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula.

Singapore Downbeat 
by Mark Corrigan

Corrigan and Tucker are in Singapore where they each have an assignment. He must look into the activities of a Mr. Sin, a man deeply involved in the smuggling of synthetic gold. She has to check out an event with a poisoned pen. Somehow they must find a way to help each other.
Two Died in Singapore
by John Sherwood 

Charles Blessington was tired of being in Singapore and wanted to go home from his temporary assignment. Then someone he knows is murdered and suddenly he determined to stay.

The Singapore Exile Murders
by F Van Wyck Mason

The area is Southeast Asia for this assignment which has Hugh North going against agents from a good assortment of nations, all vying for control of formula for greatly improved steel used in military armor. North gets promoted to Major in this adventure.

Suddenly At Singapore
by Gavin Black

The sudden, violent death of his brother and partner, Jeff, sends Paul Harris into action as he is determined to learn who was being the murder. Since the two brothers had for some time been involved in smuggling guns to rebels fighting in Malaysia, it seemed a sure bet the cause lay there.

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