Monday, October 6, 2014

Traveling The Globe: Day 5

Fresh from our rest in Paris, our party is off to visit Venice. Situated on the end of the Adriatic Sea, Venice s famous for it's canals and the 118 islands that make up the city.

Mission To Venice
by James Hadley Chase

When the wife of a disappeared British agent appeals to Don Micklem for help in locating him, the majority of British Intelligence go out of their way to discourage him. Nevertheless, Micklem gets immersed in the hunt for a coded book containing the names of numerous foreign agents at work in Europe.

Mission To Venice
by Manning Lee Stokes

Somewhere in the Adriatic, a missing H-bomb triggers a game of global blackmail that Nick Carter alone must win. Everything is riding on Nick's mission to Venice, he has no help but a notorious courtesan.

Vengeance In  Venice
by Kenneth Benton

Peter Craig and Jane Grayshott were successful in smuggling a Soviet scientist out of Yugoslavia and felt some well-earned break time was in order. Heading to the romantic city of Venice, they are unaware that the KGB has become annoyed with them and sent an assassin to pay his respects.

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