Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Blood Of The Falcon by Dennis Lynds

Agent N3 vs. the Middle East's top merchant of terror

George Gross Cover
 Killmaster #222
They call him Reguiba,  Moroccan death merchant extraordinaire. With an army of desert jackals who live to kill and kill to live, he's got the manpower, the hardware and the petrodollars to pull any job, no matter how bloody. 

Hit target: The American allies in the Middle East. 
His goal: The total breakdown of Western alliances. 
His biggest obstacle: Agent N3 Nick Carter

Printing History
Written by Dennis Lynds (1924-2005)

Berkley Publishing Group
Charter Books
Published by arrangement with The Conde Nast Publications, Inc.
ISBN 441 57291
February 1987

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