Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Bavarian Connection by Don Smith

An all expenses paid European trip turns into an explosive battle over hidden Nazi war booty

A Tangled Web
A Swiss Bank started the ball rolling when a young man from Brazil turned up to claim his father's Nazi gold and then was bludgeoned to death....

A Liechtenstein Art Dealer was another link in the sordid trail involving stolen art work hidden since Word War II....

A Dutch Diamond Merchant sold a fabulous stone that had been stolen before the war, and ended up very dead in a canal....

A Bavarian Developer catered to more than just wealthy jet setters. His enclave seemed to be the headquarters for the rise of the Fourth Reich....

Phil Sherman needed all his CIA cunning and connections to tie all these slender threads together, before the holocaust began again.......

Secret Mission #20

Printing History
Written by Don Smith

Grosset & Dunlap Company
Charter Communications
Charter Books
ISBN 441 04884

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