Friday, July 19, 2013

Dead Ringer by Arthur Lyons

A Jacob Asch Mystery
Cover by Robert Lewis         Design by Visible Ink
 Jacob Asch is called in by boxing promoter Jack Schwartz to help out Carlos Realango, an Argentine heavyweight whose career is on the skids. Carlos has been receiving threatening phone calls, and his manager and mistress, brassy blonde Susan Mezzano, thinks her husband is responsible. It seems a routine case until the down and out boxer is shot at Moonfire Ranch, a fancy brothel owned by Susan's husband. The police are calling it justifiable homicide, but Asch smells murder and something more than a lover's quarrel.

Printing History
Written by Arthur Lyons Jr. (1946-2008)


Holt, Reinhart, and Winston
Owl Books
ISBN 0 03 060396


  1. Scott - Now that's a powerful and attention-getting cover.

  2. I discovered or re-discovered Lyons and his books recently. I'm sure I have one or two in my attic, but I can't recall which ones.
    I did recently go out and buy the first 6 in this series, a bit rash seeing as I haven't actually tried any yet. But hey, got to take a few chances in life! I got this one, number 6 but I don't believe it had this sexy cover.