Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Big Bankroll by Glen Chase

Cherry didn't mind a little kinkiness
Until it led to killing.

Cherry Delight, star agent of N.Y.M.P.H.O. (New York Mafia Harassment Organization) was on her way to a date when a mugger made the mistake of attacking her. After she had slammed him to the pavement with her advanced judo, and was on the way to tidy up, a car of Mafia hoods careened down the street and filled the mugger with lead. Cherry was annoyed. When, a day later, four Mafia hoods tried the same stunt on her she became downright mad, and decided to get to the bottom  of things. She almost uncovered more than she could handle, what with a power crazed Mafia boss, and underworld think tank, and some Mafia buttons with very kinky sexual tastes....

Printing History
written by Rochelle Larkin

Cherry Delight #22
Nordon Publications, Inc
Leisure Books
LB265ZK (May 1975)

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