Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jake Strait Bogeyman #3 by Frank Rich

Inner-city hell just found a new savior
Jake Strait

Day of Judgment 

Free Tickets To Paradise
The damned, dirty and depraved call the confines of inner-city hell home.It's  thriving nucleus of spiritual activity. Neon temples with video preachers, street corner messiahs and coin fed confession machines, ghetto prophets, whiskey evangelists and vendors selling salvation in a box. Jake Strait has always placed his faith in the devil. But when a gorgeous blond angel hires him to infiltrate a religious sect and locate her twin sister, he decides to a give a new and improved God a try.  Hired to turn the sect's team of bumbling soldiers into a hit squad, he plans to lead the attack against the city's criminal subculture. But when the robes of spiritual righteousness fall away to reveal a wild-eyed prophet on the make, Jake's got to pawn his ticket to paradise and gets his conscience out of hock.

Printing History
written by Frank Rich (1946 - )

World Wide Library 
Gold Eagle Books
January 1994
ISBN 373-63609

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