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On Monday I was out riding my bicycle and I had an accident. I was riding on a shoulder to let a car pass and ran over a deep rut. I went flying and landed on my right shoulder and broke my collar bone. I spent over four hours in Lutheran Hospital. I will not be riding my bike for 4 to 6 weeks. Since I am right handed it is difficult to do anything. The posting might be few and far between and very short (I don't like to finger type).

Monday, July 30, 2012

Crime Fiction Alpabet 2012: Letter K

This week over at Kerrie's spot at Mysteries in Paradise we are on the Letter "K" for her 2012 Edition of the meme Crime Fiction Alphabet. My contribution will be.......

Crime Fiction Alphabet: K is for Frank Kane

Frank Kane was born in Brooklyn in July 1912, and by the time he was 19, he had graduated from New York City College, earning a BS. He attended St. John's Law School, but prior to graduating, his first daughter was born. He was told  "better get a job and get some money pretty quick!" So he left law school and began to put his writing skills to use. He served a couple of years as a columnist for the New York Press, was Editor-in-Chief for the New York Trade Newspapers Corporation, and an associate editor for the New York Journal of Commerce. He also worked in public relations, as an advocate and spokesperson for the Liquor Industry. He apparently spent time on "the hill," in D.C., working with government officials to end the prohibition of consumption of alcohol. He did much work with the liquor industry throughout his career. After World War II, he returned to public relations, as well as freelance writing, and later, radio and television production. His writing for a New York newspaper led to a syndicated Broadway column called New York From Dusk To Dawn, which profiled Hollywood movie stars visiting New York. The column was later made into a radio show, on which Kane featured popular movie personalities. He went on to pen scripts for some of the most popular radio programs on the air, including six years as the writer for The Shadow. Kane went on to write for a multitude of radio programs. In the detective-adventure genre, he spent three years writing Gang Busters. He also wrote for Counter Spy, The Fat Man, Casey, Crime Photographer, Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons, The Lawless Twenties and Nick Carter, Master Detective. He also created Call the Police for Lever Brothers, and created, wrote and produced Claims Agent for NBC, which was based on Kane's character, Jim Rogers. And in 1947, Frank Kane was selected to write the Coast Guard documentary You Have To Go Out, starring Robert Young. But it was as the author of mystery novels about the adventures of Liddell that Kane was best known. Kane's first novel, About Face, placed detective Johnny Liddell in Hollywood to solve the murder of an ex-racketeer who became a power in the movie industry. The book could have been taken from the front pages of the newspapers at the time (1947), except that the novel was written months before the Bugsy Siegel murder. His novels, under his own name, and the pseudonym of Frank Boyd, sold multi-millions of copies in hard cover and paperback, and were translated into more than 17 languages. In the 1940's, '50's, and '60's, Kane wrote between close to 40 books, most featuring Johnny Liddell. He also claimed Liddell was the hero of more than 400 short stories featured in top detective magazines such as Manhunt, The Saint Detective Magazine, Private Eye and Pursuit

The Novels
·  About Face (1947, aka "Death About Face," " The Fatal Foursome"; Johnny Liddell)
·  Green Light For Death (1949; Johnny Liddell)
·  Slay Ride (1950; Johnny Liddell)
·  Bullet Proof (1951; Johnny Liddell)
·  Dead Weight (1951; Johnny Liddell)
·  Bare Trap (1952; Johnny Liddell)
·  Poisons Unknown (1953; Johnny Liddell)
·  Grave Danger (1954; Johnny Liddell)
·  Red Hot Ice (1955; Johnny Liddell)
·  A Real Gone Guy (1956; Johnny Liddell)
·  Key Witness (1956)
·  The Living End (1957; Johnny Liddell)
·  Syndicate Girl (1958)
·  Trigger Mortis (1958; Johnny Liddell)
·  Liz (1958)
·  Juke Box King (1959; Mickey Denton)
·  The Line-Up (1959; novelization of the TV series)
·  Trial by Fear (1959)
·  The Flesh Peddlers (1959; by Frank Boyd)
·  A Short Bier (1960; Johnny Liddell)
·  Time To Prey (1960; Johnny Liddell)
·  Johnny Staccato (1960; novelization of the TV series; by Frank Boyd)
·  Due Or Die (1961; Johnny Liddell)
·  The Mourning After (1961; Johnny Liddell)
·  Dead Rite (1962; Johnny Liddell)
·  Crime Of Their Life (1962; Johnny Liddell)
·  The Conspirators (1962)
·  Ring-a-Ding-Ding (1963; Johnny Liddell)
·  Hearse Class Male (1963; Johnny Liddell)
·  Johnny Come Lately (1963; Johnny Liddell)
·  Barely Seen (1964; Johnny Liddell)
·  Final Curtain (1964; Johnny Liddell)
·  Fatal Undertaking (1964; Johnny Liddell)
·  The Guilt Edged Frame (1964; Johnny Liddell)
·  Esprit De Corpse (1965; Johnny Liddell)
·  Two To Tangle (1965; Johnny Liddell)
·  Maid In Paris (1966; Johnny Liddell)
·  Margin For Terror (1967; Johnny Liddell)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Dead Are Discreet by Arthur Lyons

Introducing Jacob Asch

On a weirdly twisted trail of satanic sex and savage death

California is his territory.
His time is very much today.
And the evil that men and women do is his often painful business.

The Dead Are Discreet begins when Asch opens up a closed case of murder. And lifts the lid off a bubbling cauldron of kinky sex, satanism, porno movie-making, blackmail, and the ugly, ugly secret of beautiful people. By the time he peels illusion down to the bone truth, even grotesque death seems mild compared to the living hell born when flesh and the devil join in an unholy alliance.

Printing History
Written by Arthur Lyons (1946-2008)
copyright 1974

Random House, Inc
Ballantine Books
ISBN 374 24974
March 1976

Friday, July 27, 2012

LUST, Be A Lady Tonight by Rod Gray

When the world's sexist spy tracks you down
It's a pleasure to be caught.

K & G Publications, Ltd
Blow Your Mind
Her name is Eve Drum, The Lady From L.U.S.T., the sexiest spy in the world. Anything anyone can do she can do better. They call her Oh Oh Sex, because sex is her favorite weapon, but she is just as good at Karate, safe cracking, knife throwing, scuba diving, you name it. Don't tangle with her. She has a license to kill and she does not care if she uses her body or a Beretta. Swing along as she goes into action against a super villain who wants to wreck N.A.T. O. and heat up the Cold War to flash point. It will blow your mind.

Belmont Books
Printing History
 Written by Gardner F. Fox
Original Title The Lady From L.U.S.T.
Tower Books
1st Printing 43-804 (1967)
Belmont Books
2nd Printing B95-2020 (June 1970)
Belmont Tower Books
3rd Printing BT 50516 (1973)

K & G Publications, Ltd.
Ben's Books Ltd
London England

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Secret Mission: Munich by Don Smith

Mission No 10

Millions of counterfeit dollars bankrolling resurgence of dangerous successful neo-Nazi gang. Sherman must find and destroy money factory, and the new Nazi leaders!

Greenbacks.....phoney. Millions of counterfeit U.S. dollars are circulating around Europe. Phil Sherman is ordered to find out where they're coming from and why.

Brownshirts.....genuine. An underground movement of Noe-Fascists headed by former S.S. officers is determined to pick up where Hitler left off. Unless Sherman can do something to stop them.

White slopes.......deadly. It's the world's best ski country, but for undercover agent Sherman and his beautiful ally, skiing across Communist frontiers is more than just sport. With phoney dollars in his pockets, a gang of fascist terrorists at his back, and the specter of a new Nazi Germany in the future.

Printing History
Written by Don Smith

Universal Publishing and Distributing Corporation
Universal-Award House Inc
Award Books
A727S (November 1970)
AQ1408 (February 1975)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Kremlin Kill by Jack Canon

N3 tracks an assassin into the heart of the KGB!

George Gross Cover
Killmaster #193

A forty-year dream is coming true, and the Geneva talks on the unification of Germany are underway. But there's dissension within the party old guard and AXE suspects a plot by hard-liners to kill the Russian delegate before an agreement is signed. Nick's mission is to infiltrate the KGB, penetrate the highest circles of Soviet Power and prevent the murder of a country before it is born!

Printing History
Written by Jack Canon

Berkley Publishing Group
Charter Books
Published by arrangement with The Conde Nast Publications, Inc.
ISBN 441 45520
October 1984

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Loving And The Dead (3rd Edition) by Carter Brown

3rd Horwtiz Edition

Printing History

Horwitz Publications
International Edition Series #63 (1969)

Read more below
German Edition

US Editions

UK Edition

This actually was not the first Mavis adventure. Mavis first appeared Honey, Here's Your Hearse from 1955.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Crime Fiction Alphabet: Letter J

The Crime Fiction Alphabet meme is rolling along and we are up to the Letter "J". Kerrie over at Mysteries in Paradise is keeping us all in line. My contribution for this week is the author:

James Hadley Chase (1906 to1985)

Mr Chase was born René Lodge Brabazon Raymond in London England on December 24th, 1906, he would move to France in 1956 and eventually resided in Switzerland. Chase died on February 6th 1985. He is one of the best known thriller writers of all time. 

The rise of the gangster culture during the Great Depression of the United States provided a big demand for gangster stories. Chase read James Cain’s The Postman Always Rings Twice and read about Ma Barker, using an American slang dictionary and maps of the U.S underworld, he then wrote his first No Orchids for Miss Blandish in his spare time.  All of his novels were so fast-paced that the reader was compelled to turn the pages in a nonstop effort to reach the end of the book. The final page often produced a totally unexpected plot twist variably Early books did contain some violence that matched the era in which they were written, though this was considerably toned down as plots centered more on circumstantial situations to create the high degree of tension that was the hallmark of his writing. Sex was never explicit and, though often hinted at, seldom happened. In several of his stories, the protagonist tries to get rich by committing a crime, either by insurance fraud or a theft. But the scheme invariably fails and leads to a murder in which the hero realizes that he never had a chance to keep out of trouble. Women are often beautiful, clever, and treacherous. They kill unhesitatingly if they have to cover a criminal act.  His plots typically centered around dysfunctional families, and the final denouement echoes the title. Chase's best market was France. In France more than thirty books were made into movies, and all of his ninety titles were published by Gallimard in their Série noire series. He was also very popular in other European markets, as well as Africa and Asia. However, his books failed to take hold in the American market partially due to the fact that the descriptive details did not seem convincing to American readers. This, together with their misogynist attitude, turned off the female market.

Various Covers



The Titles
Title Central character(s)
1939 No Orchids for Miss Blandish
also The Villain and the Virgin
Dave Fenner
Slim Grisson
1941 The Dead Stay Dumb Chet Sladen
1941 Twelve Chinks and a Woman
also Twelve Chinamen and a Woman
also The Doll's Bad News
Dave Fenner
Glorie Leadler
1941 Miss Callaghan Comes to Grief Jay Ellinger
1942 Get a Load of This (short story collection)
1944 Miss Shumway Waves a Wand Ross Millan
Myra Shumway
1945 Eve Clive Thurston
1946 I'll Get You for This Chester Cain
1947 Last Page (play)
1948 The Flesh of the Orchid Carol Blandish
The Sullivan Brothers
1949 You Never Know with Women Floyd Jackson
1949 You're Lonely When You're Dead Vic Malloy
Paula Bensinger
Jack Kerman
1950 Figure It Out for Yourself
also The Marijuana Mob
Vic Malloy
Paula Bensinger
Jack Kerman
1950 Lay Her Among the Lillies Vic Malloy
Paula Bensinger
Jack Kerman
1951 Strictly for Cash Johnny Farrar
1952 The Fast Buck Verne Baird
1952 The Double Shuffle Steve Harmas
1953 I'll Bury My Dead Nick English
1953 This Way for a Shroud Paul Conard
Vito Ferrari
1954 Tiger By the Tail Ken Holland
1954 Safer Dead Chet Sladen
1955 You've Got It Coming Harry Griffin
1956 There's Always a Price Tag Steve Harmas, Glyn Nash
1957 The Guilty Are Afraid Lew Brandon
1958 Not Safe to Be Free
also The Case Of The Strangled Starlet
Jay Delaney
1959 Shock Treatment Steve Harmas, Terry Regan
1959 The World in My Pocket Morgan
1960 What's Better Than Money Jefferson Halliday
1960 Come Easy - Go Easy Chet Carson
1961 A Lotus for Miss Quon Steve Jaffe
1961 Just Another Sucker Harry Barber, John Renick
1962 I Would Rather Stay Poor Dave Calvin
1962 A Coffin from Hong Kong Nelson Ryan
1963 One Bright Summer Morning
1963 Tell It to the Birds Steve Harmas, John Anson
1964 The Soft Centre Frank Terrell
Valiere Burnette
1965 This Is for Real Mark Girland
1965 The Way the Cookie Crumbles Frank Terrell
1966 You Have Yourself a Deal Mark Girland
1966 Padillo's Play McCorkle
1966 Cade Val Cade
1967 Have This One on Me Mark Girland
1967 Well Now - My Pretty Frank Terrell
1968 An Ear to the Ground Steve Harmas, Al Barney
1968 Believed Violent Frank Terrell, Jay Delaney
1969 The Whiff of Money Mark Girland
1969 The Vulture Is a Patient Bird Max Kahlenberg
1970 Like a Hole in the Head Jay Benson
1970 There's a Hippie on the Highway Frank Terrell, Harry Mitchell
1971 Want to Stay Alive? Poke Toholo
1971 An Ace Up My Sleeve Helga Rolfe
1972 Just a Matter of Time Chris Patterson
Sheila Oldhill
Miss Morely-Johnson
1972 You're Dead Without Money Al Barney
1973 Have a Change of Scene Larry Carr
1973 Knock, Knock! Who's There? Johnny Bianda
1974 So What Happens To Me? Jack Crane
1974 Goldfish Have No Hiding Place Steve Manson
1975 Believe This - You'll Believe Anything Clay Burden
1975 The Joker in the Pack Helga Rolfe
1976 Do Me a Favour, Drop Dead Keith Devery
1977 My Laugh Comes Last Larry Lucas
1977 I Hold the Four Aces Helga Rolfe
1978 Consider Yourself Dead Mike Frost
1979 You Must Be Kidding Ken Holland
Paradise City Police Force
1979 A Can of Worms Bart Anderson
1980 You Can Say That Again Jerry Stevens
1980 Try This One for Size Paradise City Police Force
1981 Hand Me a Fig Leaf Dirk Wallace
1982 Have a Nice Night
1982 We'll Share a Double Funeral Perry Weston
Chet Logan
1983 Not My Thing Ernie Kling
1984 Hit Them Where It Hurts Dirk Wallace
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dames, Dolls & Delinquents by Gary Lovisi

A Collectors' Guide To
Sexy Pulp Fiction Paperbacks

A Visual Smorgasbord Of Sex, Sin and Sass!

It's no secret the sexy and racy cover art of femme fatales from the golden age of paperbacks and magazines exalts the female form in all its sexy and sultry allure.  From sexy semi-dressed pin-up dolls to dangerous bad girls and deadly dames, many of these rear covers were painted by some of the most talented and collectible artists of the past 50 years, including popular American artists Robert Bonfils, Robert Maguire, Gene Bilbrew, and Bill Ward, and British Artists Reginald Heade and H.W. Pearl. 

Printing History
copyright 2009
by Gary Lovisi

Krause Publications
ISBN 978 0 89689 968

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Terminators by Donald Hamilton

To Be Safely Terminated by Extreme Prejudice

Mission #16

When the big man in Washington assigned Matt Helm to ride shotgun on an old buddy's top secret mission in Norway, Matt naturally wanted to know what was happening. "They need an agent with a lethal reputation,: said Mac. "That's all you need  to know." Matt hated theses "need to know" deals. But he went along with it until somebody murderer his partner. The girl who was supposed to be his "mistress." Now Matt was mad. Mad enough to blow operation "top secret" sky high.

Printing History
Written by Donald Hamilton (1916-2006)

Fawcett Gold Medal Books
ISBN 449 03214
April 1975

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea: Season 2 Volume 2

Explore the marvels of the unknown and the mysteries of the deep.

Welcome to a spectacular underwater universe populated by sinister foreign agents, deadly sea creatures, and evil scientists bent on world domination. This is Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Irwin Allen's sci-fi TV classic, filled with beauty, wonder, intrigue, and danger. Season Two, Volume Two, contains some of the most innovative and beloved episodes of the entire series. There's an island inhabited by ferocious dinosaurs, a ghostly U-boat captain with a deadly agenda, a fire in the sky that threatens to melt the polar ice capos and more! Prepare yourself for a world unlike any you have ever experienced.......Prepare to dive!

Episodes were broadcasted December 26, 1965 to March 20, 1966

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Crime Fiction Alphabet: Letter I

Kerrie over at Mysteries In Paradise is running a community meme for 2012 called Crime Fiction Alphabet.  Each week a letter of the alphabet is taken and each participant will attempt to write a blog post corresponding with either first letter of a book's title, the first letter of an author's first name, or the first letter of the author's surname. Currently we are on the Letter I. You can head over to the link and find out who else is contributing for this week. Crime Fiction Alphabet: Letter I

Crime Fiction Alphabet: Letter I is for Injustice For All by J.A. Jance

J.P.Beaumont #2

J.P. Beaumont is on vacation in the San Juan Islands with Anne Corley still on his mind. He is sleeping in his hotel room by the shore when he hears a woman screaming. He is spurred out to help her drag a man's body from the cold water. He is dead. He was her friend and co-worker. Ginger Watkins and the dead man, Sig Larson, both worked for the Washington State Parole Board. J.P. helps Ginger back to his room to warm her up while they wait for the police. He learns that she is the wife of a prominent political figure running for re-election in Washington. She wants to divorce her husband, and the dead man had been her supportive friend. They had been threatened by a man whose wife and daughter had been killed by a convict they had allowed out on parole. The man, Don Wilson, is now fighting to change the system to gain assistance for victims and reformation in the Parole Board. He didn't want what happened to his family to happen to someone else. He also threatened that Watkins and her friend would "pay." The police now start looking for Wilson. Beau finds himself working to protect the Parole Board. As a cop, he and the Board rarely see eye-to eye. But something is going on. As more people related to the Board die, and he is framed for one of the deaths, he knows he has to discover the truth. Is that the connection, or is there another angle?

Printing History
Written by Judith Ann Jance

Avon Books
ISBN 380 896417
May 1986

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Death Hand Play by David Hagberg

A diabolical plot threatens freedom in South America
Until N3 steps in
George Gross Cover
Killmaster #192
Something is rotten in the gambling capitals of the world. From Monte Carlo to Vegas, South American businessman Juan Rojas is quickly amassing a fortune, and the gathering together the world's most treacherous mercenary leaders, which can only spell trouble for the U.S. It's up to Killmaster N3 Nick Carter to find out what Rojas is plotting, and stop it, fast. With the help of the enigmatic beauty Carmella Perez, Nick tracks the villain from one posh casino to the next, matching wits and weapons, until the final showdown....

Printing History
Written by David Hagberg

Berkley Publishing Group
Charter Books
Published by arrangement with The Conde Nast Publications, Inc.
ISBN 441 14222
September 1984

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Killer-Orchid by K. T. McCall

She looks a delicate flower,
but this blossom's ripe for a little graft!
The only diamonds had has lost are
the sparklers from those violet eyes.
Look out Buchanan, she's a plant!

Johnny Buchanan Story

A heatwave had hit New York, so one could not blame the desk clerk for opening the trunk, and then calling Homicide! This was a corpse with a difference, packed luxury style with orchids! And that's where Johnny Buchanan framed the picture. It wasn't long before he found another corpse, only Johnny was looking at it with a smoking gun in his hand! It was a neat frame, but he stalled the cops till he met the diamond-loaded Mrs. Blandford, and her two daughters, who curved in all the right places. So this investigator got a yen to start investigating, but seriously! Only there wasn't time, with the cops wanted Johnny for murder, but the killer had him lined up as the next victim, and he's allergic to orchids!

Printing History
Written by Audrey Armitage and Muriel Watkins

Horwtiz Publications Inc.
Johnny Buchanan Series #11 (October 1957)

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Paperback Covers of Robert McGinnis

Compiled by Art Scott and Dr. Wallace Maynard

Robert McGinnis in one of the most admired, influential, and prolific illustrators working today, best known for his astonishing career as a paperback cover artist.His first covers appeared in 1958, and since then he has painted over one thousand of them, for all the major publishers in all genres. He is most renowned for his portraits of women. The elegant, sexy, and intelligent McGinnis Woman is as distinctive and recognizable as was the Gibson Girl in the e4arly 1900's. McGinnis was elected to the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame in 1993. McGinnis's paperback work in avidly sought after by collectors. However, collecting McGinnis covers has been a huge challenge, not only because of the unprecedented volume of his work, but because he was often uncredited, he worked in a wide variety of styles, and many illustrators imitated him.

Printing History
Compiled by Art Scott and Dr. Wallace Maynard
Forward by Richard S. Prather

A Paul Langmuir Book
Pond Press
ISBN 9666776-4
Second Edition 
March 2002

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hunter by Eric Sauter

Hunter Doesn't Go looking For Trouble...
It Finds Him

Where Have You Been, Billy Boy?
Life was definitely okay with the movie money from his novel and his own private island in the Delaware River. Hunter had nothing heavier on his mind than fixing the front porch, when the bad news dropped. Hunter never could say no to a friend, or a women. So when his buddy Billy Rye disappears and his girlfriend wants him back, Hunter starts nosing around, and smells some very dangerous people who also want Billy. Like a dealer who thinks that watching people get beaten up by his two-ton bodyguard is a form of physical therapy. And the two dudes in black silk suits who hit first and ask questions later. That was swell for starters. Hunter just never counted on Billy's trail leading to an unsettled score more than twenty years bad, a Congressman up to his reputation in dirt, blackmail paid in blood. Or a foxy lady lawyer hot on Hunter's case.

Printing History
Written by Eric Sauter

The Hearst Corporation
Avon Books
ISBN 380-84475
October 1983

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Hoodlum Was A Honey by Carter Brown

A Carter Brown "Lovely" Mystery

It looked like being a quiet weekend in the country. Mike Deval had a blonde for company on the way down, a blonde hostess to greet him when he arrived, and a couple of brunettes as house guests. There was even a redhead maid who was about as inhibited as Salvador Dali. So then the weekend looked interesting rather than quiet. But a corpse had to happen, straight in front of the eyes. But this was not an ordinary corpse, this one was six hours dead at the time it died. Mike could not figure it out either. The housekeeper, who must have been closely related to Dracula, on the vampire's side, figured it was the ghost. The cops began to figure it was Mike. Mike figured he would rather be with the champagne drinking blonde who lived in Maida Vale. All Mike had to do get there was to get a confession from the murder, but that didn't pan out. According to the script, the gun was in the wrong hand!

Printing History
Written by Allan G Yates

Horwitz Publications, Inc.
for and on behalf of Transport Publishing Company
Sydney Australia 
Numbered Series #14 (May 1956)
Reprinted By Demand Series #1 (November 1958)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crime Fiction Alphabet: Letter H

Crime Fiction Alphabet: H is for Harry Stoner P.I.

Harry Stoner was created by Jonathan Valin (1947-), Harry is in his mid forties and resides in Cincinnati. He runs a one man agency and drives a rusted old Pinto. Jonathan Valin took a break from mystery writing, after writing eleven Stoner mysteries in 14 years, to help found Fi, a magazine of music criticism. He now works as an editor and reviewer for magazines.


The Lime Pit (1980)
Final Notice (1980)
Dead Letter (1981)
Day of Wrath (1982)
Natural Causes (1983)
Life's Work (1986)
Fire Lake (1987)
Extenuating Circumstances (1989)
Second Chance (1991)
The Music Lovers (1993)
Missing (1995)

Short Stories 

"Loser Takes All" (Fall 1991, Vol. 4, No. 4, The Armchair Detective)


Final Notice
1989 USA Network
Gil Gerard as Harry Stoner
Also starring Steve Landsberg, Melody Anderson,
Jackie Burroughs, Kevin Hicks, Louise Fletcher,
David Ogden Stiers.
Based on the novel by Jonathan Valin
Teleplay by John Gay
Directed by Steven Hilliard Stern
Produced by Jay Bernstein.

Various Covers  


Anthony Award nominee, Best Novel
Life's Work (1986)

Shamus Award winner, Best Novel
Extenuating Circumstances (1989)

Shamus Award nominee, Best Novel
Second Chance (1991)

Read more about the Crime Fiction Alphabet meme here.
Crime Fiction Alphabet

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Secret Agents of Brazil by Nicholas Carter

A Nick Carter Story

Printing History
Written by John Russell Coryell

Whitman Publishing Company 
Racine Wisconsin
circa 1900

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Three Stooges Collector's Edition

The classic comedy troupe and all their legendary laughs are brought together in this collection of their funniest moments on film.

The Three Stooges 4-DVD set

The Three Stooges Everywhere
A Day at the Theatre
Everybody's in the Act
The Three Stooges Animated Antics


The Three Stooges 75th Anniversary 3-DVD set

Disorder in the Court
Brideless Groom
Malice in the Palace
Sing a Song of Six Pants
Kooks Tour

Friday, July 6, 2012

Not Safe To Be Free by James Hadley Chase

Not Safe to Be Free
    or  The Case Of The Strangled Starlet

Murder isn't a very sociable way of getting your kicks, but then Jay Delaney was never a very sociable sort of guy. He was young, rich, attractive, and bored. He needed excitement, and he meant to get it. For months he had waited, patiently controlling the insane urge which nagged at his mind. And then he saw her, at a film festival in the south of France. The blonde starlet who was to provide him with the biggest thrill of his life. The girl he intended to murder.

Printing History
Written by René Lodge Brabazon Raymond

Robert Hale Ltd 

Transworld Publishers Ltd
Corgi Books
ISBN 552 09694

Printed by
Arcata Graphics
Buffalo, New York

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Donavan's Delight by Carter Brown

Welcome to the Major's,
Where the super-rich 
Sometimes end up dead!

Expensive Tastes
Life had been good for Paul Donavan. Not yet 40, he was handsome and rich, super-rich, in fact. But the pace was beginning to tell, and Paul decided to head for as quiet vacation.

What He Found Was Another Story!
Nestled among the ivy-covered manor house, Donavan discovered the kinkiest brothel in England and a blackmailing operation that threatened some of the most powerful men in Europe, including Donavan himself!

Printing History
Written by Allan G Yates

Horwitz Publications
Horwitz Group Books Pty Limited
Bucks Books
Published in Hong Kong 1979

Tower Publications Inc
Belmont Tower Books
ISBN 505-51382

Transworld Publishers Ltd
Corgi Books
ISBN 552-11154

Printed by
Offset Paperback Mfrs, Inc
Dallas, Pennsylvania USA

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Crime On My Hands by Hank Janson

England's Best Selling Author

Follow The Man!
One don't need a bloodhound to tell you that when you're on to a good thing you stick to it. 

What's the infallible recipe?
Experience, mainly. Before becoming a full time writer. Hank Janson packed a lifetime of adventure, romance, and thrills into the few years it took him to hit the top as a Chicago Crime Correspondent. A man with talent and a store house of experience like that never lacks the right kind of authentic inspiration.

Printing History
created by Stephen D Frances

Roberts and Vinter Ltd

Monday, July 2, 2012

Crime Fiction Alphabet: The Letter G

This weeks contribution the the Crime Fiction Alphabet is 

G is for Get Off At Babylon by Marvin Albert

If you are interested with the meme please visit.

You can go back to February 2012 and read the original post here.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea: Season 2 Volume 1

Journey to a breathtaking world of danger and suspense.

The SSRN Seaview, the world's most technologically advance submarine, is back and more powerful than ever! Come aboard with Admiral Nelson, Captain Crane and their crew as they brave hostile waters and explore uncharted depths, keeping the world safe from the enemies of mankind. Season Two is full of innovative series firsts: It's full season to be shot in color, and the Seaview has been masterfully redesigned to house the spectacular Flying Sub! Filled with espionage, action, sci-fi, and suspense, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea is a true TV classic.

The episodes aired from September 19, 1965 to December 19, 1965.