Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Agent In Rome Is Missing.... by Al Hine

Tandem Edition

Plot about a fishy movie being shot in Rome. Informant is killed and Nick is sent to investigate.

Award Edition

Printing History
Written by Al Hine

Award AN1160 1973
Tandem 16870 1976

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Black Lace Hangover by Carter Brown

When Danny Boyd throws a party it's a blast. But the morning-after is murder!

New English Library Edition
This hangover shouldn't happen to a dog, or even the hair of one! Danny Boyd's apartment is a mess. His head feels like a Chinese gong. Sure, all normal. But what about those other horrors, straight out of a Bellevue wino's fantasies? Two lovely legs in lacy stockings without a body. A man kneeling over a tub bleeding down the drain from his slashed throat.

Robert McGinnis Cover
And, for Danny, the worst nightmare. Two luscious girls all to himself alone but with no trespassing pasted all over their teensy bikinis!. Boyd makes his first mistake when he gets out of bed in the morning. His next one nearly puts him to sleep...permanently!

Horwitz Edition
Printing History

Horwitz Publications Inc
Numbered Series #132 1966

New American Library
Signet Books
D2945 July 1966

New English Library
#2498 May 1969

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hour Of The Wolf by Jeffrey Wallman

The semi-savage white wolf with a deadly nuclear secret buried beneath his pelt.
This was Nick Carter's new assignment.

Star Edition
Just tracking down the cunning, starving animal in the treacherous Yugoslav mountains made for an impossible mission. But there were also the human problems.The wolf's dead master, AXE's agent in Yugoslavia, who had hidden his last and most urgent message under the fur of his deadly pet. The agents beautiful. fierce widow, who discovered the wolf's terrifying secret just one day too late to help Nick.

Tandem Edition  
The brutal guerrilla leader, fighting a little-known barbaric war of freedom behind the Iron Curtain, playing East against West in a lethal gamble. And the unknown and very dangerous traitor who seemed to know every step Nick could make, just before he made them.

Award Edition
Printing History
Written by Jeffrey Wallman

Award AN1157 August 1973
Award AQ1387 July 1974
Award AQ1387 August 1975
Tandem  426 15712 1975
Star 352 30469 1979

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bird In A Guilt-Edged Cage by Carter Brown

A persuasive senorita named Carmen hires Andy Kane to steal a priceless gold eagle from the wealthiest and most dangerous man in Hong Kong.

Horwitz 1963 Edition
The beautiful brunette was willing and wealthy. She was offering Andy Kane $20,000 to take a priceless gold eagle from the most dangerous man in  Hong Kong. But the adventure-loving Andy soon realized that he was the one who had been taken, and he was set up for murder...his own! Andy knew it was a suicide proposition. She wanted him to walk into Ng Mao's mansion, with more guards than the US Mint, and walk away with the gold eagle. She wanted him to steal it.But for $20,000 Andy would dare anything, even death.
Signet 4th Printing
Printing History

Horwitz Publications Inc

International Edition Series #28 1963
First published in 1957 under the title That's Piracy, My Pet

New American Library
Signet Books
as The Guilt-Edged Cage
#2220 November 1962
P4003 1970
Cover by Robert McGinnis 

This title was reprinted for Men Only Magazine in 1964
For Men Only Magazine 1964

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Agent Counter-Agent by Ralph Eugene Hayes

"We Will Bury You"

The communist threat had never seemed so real!. AXE had barely assigned Nick Carter to his new mission when the message came from 'the spoilers'. They were threatening to deal a blow to American intelligence influence. It was clearly a job for  Nick Carter Killmaster, the most lethal of his career. For AXE's top agent was destined to play the lead in the diabolical plot.

Award Edition
What has they done to him? Had they really turned AXE's most valuable agent against the very powers he was sworn to protect? It was  not until Nick came under the spell of the sensuous Russian operative that he began to understand how he was being used. But was it too late? Did his mind already belong to the KGB?

Tandem Edition
Printing History
Written by Ralph Eugene Hayes

Award AN1147 July 1973
Award AQ 1477 May 1975

Tandem 426 14349 1975

Monday, April 25, 2011

Catch Me A Phoenix! by Carter Brown

Danny Boyd goes to London to meet a black-haired bombshell and to help a tawny-eyed blonde grab a pair of priceless antiques and finds his assignment is....murder.

Horwitz Edition
"They don't speak English in England!"
So thought Danny Boyd when he met a black-haired London bombshell who free-wheeled a juggernaut through the quiet English countryside.... She talked about ponces, and birds, and skivvies, and layouts...whatever they were! 

Signet Edition
But then the hell-raking brunette took off her shiny leather shirt...she took off her black sweater...she stood there in her glistening black boots and black garters...and Danny, jet-propelled, crashed through the language barrier!

Robert McGinnis Cover
It came to London via Bill Donavan. He invited a small select group to bid for it. They had nothing in common, except a seven figure bank account and the lust for the treasure. And they will stop at nothing to get it, well almost anything! When Sharon O'Bryne, the breath-taking blonde with break-taking ideas, was sent to London to buy the antique, she took along Danny Boyd for protection.

Printing History

Horwitz Publications
Numbered Series #124 1965
International Edition Series # 76 1972 
Horwitz/Signet Double Edition #4 1979

New American Library
Signet Books
D2637 February 1965
Q5910 1974
Horwitz/Signet Double Edition E8825 August 1979

New English Library
Four Square Books
#1416 January 1966

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Code by Larry Powell

It was a brutal killing. among the bullet-torn bodies lay Abruze, possessed of valuable information on the opium fields in Indochina, and living on a generous retirement from the Mafia, for services rendered. Another body belonged to an important AXE agent.

Universal Edition
The only lead was a terrified girl. who knew more than she was willing to admit, and less than her pursuers required. After her were a group of undisciplined thugs who would stop at nothing: the Mafia with Communist dealings and big money at stake, and Nick Carter. A desperate chase was on. To whomever reached her first it was a matter of life and death.

Award Edition
Fear and silence greeted Nick as he opened the doors leading to every girl in the little black book. The dirty black book that Moose had dropped on their first violent meeting. Nick was traveling incognito, but they all knew him, they all expected hi, and they all tried to buy off him with the tricks of the trade. Beautiful girls with exotic specialties, willing to give him the answers to his questions about Moose and Susan. They came on with love and soft words, and a look of terror in their eyes. So Nick plunged deeper into the sewers of stale flesh and Las Vegas neon, until he hit the bottom of the porno underground. And he learned the rock-hard truth about the only women he had ever loved.

Tandem Edition

Printing History
Written by Larry Powell

Award AN1146 1973
Tandem 426 14330 1974
Universal 426 14330 unkn

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nymph To The Slaughter by Carter Brown

She was a beautiful belly dancer and her swinging ways nearly sent Danny Boyd to an early grave!

Robert McGinnis Cover
The Dangerous Dames

Selina: The slave girl who was top prize in a poker game, winner take all.
Leila: Blonde bell dancer, just a shade too thin for her profession.
Beatrice: Mountainous women with a taste for lithe young men.
Kitty: Healthy young seductress who is fetching a leopard-print lingerie, fatal without.

New English Library Edition
Danny Boyd always enjoyed games with dames, but this time he was in a race to recover some hot diamonds, with a crew of killers at his heels. And it was much too dangerous to dally. Especially when someone had plans for the hardworking detective, plans began with houris and ended with homicide. 

Robert McGinnis Cover
 She wore transparent silks and brass bangles. Her master sat in the middle of the floor puffing on a hookah. He wore silver-painted toenails. It wasn't Xanadu, it was Sutton Place, New York City. Danny Boyd dives into "Arabian Nights" as he traces smuggled gems and a kidnapped beauty, and is nearly outwitted by an inscrutable crime king who deals in Occidental death.

Signet/Horwitz Double Edition

Printing History

Horwitz Publications

Numbered Series #109 1963
International Edition #40 1964
Horwitz Double Edition # 4A 1979

New American Library
Signet Books
G2312 June 1963
T4615 1971
Signet Double Edition E8825 Aug 1979

New English Library
Four Square Books
#2126 April 1968

Friday, April 22, 2011

Murder In The Harem Club by Carter Brown

Extravagant Parties
Gorgeous Slave Girls &

Horwitz Reprint
With extravagant parties beyond his wildest dream and gorgeous 'slave girls' prepared to carry out his every wish, Rick Holman should have been only too pleased to spend a thousand and one nights in the atmosphere of the Harem Club. But the set-up was shattered by a vicious gangster, the death of the girl no one would discuss, and the gun in Rick's hand.

Signet Printing
Girls were Carter Stanton's stock and trade. He was the publisher of Sultan Magazine, a monthly extravaganza devoted to a spectacular display of the female form. He was the propietor of The Harem, a select key club that specialized in hostesses to suit very man's fancy. Girls were Stanton's beck and call. Life for him was one wild and wonderful party until the killer tried to crash the party.

Hortwitz Edition

Printing History

Horwtiz Publications Inc
Numbered Series #100 1962
International Edition Series #37 1963

New American Library
Signet Books
S2140 June 1962
D3704  1968
Covers by Robert McGinnis

More Tirgess by Carter Brown

Two more copies of The Tigress

Horwitz Edition
Canadian Printing

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Devil's Dozen by Martin Cruz Smith

Nick Carter is on the toughest assignment of his career. Infiltrate the American Mafia, destroy their drug routes and the men who run them.

Tandem Edition

The Devil's Dozen.....An opium smuggler, a cheap hired gun, a homicidal psychopath, a pair of terrified informers, the kingpin of the New York Mafia, his daughter (as beautiful as she is promiscuous), a cop on the take, a hard-nosed syndicate killer, and three corrupt politicians. One of the is playing a lethal game of double-cross. He's really Nick Carter, the ruthless AXE agent assigned to smash the billion-dollar drug traffic between Turkey and America.
Award Edition
Printing History
Written by Martin Cruz Smith

Award #1133 1973
Tandem 426 14357 1974

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Temptress by Carter Brown

She's a saucy seductress worth three million dollars
A good catch for a killer.

Ron Lesser Cover
Murder is just a pretty word to:

The teen-age heiress who prefers ex-cons to college boys.

The society mother who wants the police to lock up her wayward daughter on a morals charge.

The millionaire who buys the favors of high-school girls.

The piano player who runs a profitable business on the side.

But to Police Lieutenant Al Wheeler murder means business. Dirty business. One of this lethal crew bashed in the skull of a peeping private eye and Al is out for blood. A killer's blood!

Signet Edition
Printing History

Horwitz Publications Inc.
Numbered Series #87 1960
Long Story Magazine #16 November 1960
International Edition Series #19 1962

New American Library
Signet Books
S1817 July 1960
S2898 1966

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rendezvous With Dead Men

First off this in not a Nick Carter Killmaster Adventure. I picked this up on EBay recently and will read it. This title was published in 1948 by Vital Publications Inc.

1948 Vital Publications
Dead men held the secret. Even Nick Carter could not find a motive for the string of murders that started with the sudden, anguished gasps of Jonathon Wainwright as he lay dying. What link was there between the death of this distinguished gentleman in his beautiful study, and the bloated corpse found later on in a flooded underground tunnel? How did the ruthless crew of a Portuguese pirate ship come to be involved in the private affairs of one of America's oldest families? And what connection was there between the unknown map of the island, treasured and concealed by generations of Wainwrights, and the beautiful model of the clipper ship that old Jonathon was working on when the dread dagger found its mark deep in his back.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Walk Softly, Witch by Carter Brown

Horwitz Publications issued this title in two slight variations. One with main character Police Lieutenant Al Wheeler and the other with New York private eye Danny Boyd.

 Walk Softly Witch!
Eve, Its Extortion
The Victim

With Al Wheeler
He was less than a grand husband alive and worth more than fifty grand, dead!

Horwitz Edition
Three dolls and one corpse.
One was a merry widow with a new lease on life when her husband expired.
One was a luscious skip-tracer whose curves turned up in some unsavory joints.
One was a gorgeous receptionist who snapped to attention when a big girdle manufacturer purred.

Signet 1st printing

One or all of them knew whether it was an accident or a murder that converted a footloose husband into a rest-in-concrete corpse. And it's up to Lieutenant Al Wheeler to come up with an answer, fast!

Signet 3rd Printing
Printing History

Horwitz Publications Inc.
As Eve, Its Extortion
Numbered Series #40 1957
As Walk Softly Witch!
Numbered  Series #75 1959
Long Story Magazine #6 April 1960
International Edition Series #7 1961

New American Library
Signet Books
As The Victim
#1633 March 1959
D2606 1964


Walk Softly, Witch
So Deadly Sinner!

With Danny Boyd

Introducing Danny Boyd
Barye Cover

A cue for murder. Danny Boyd's the name. He is a New York private eye and he will do anything for a fast buck or a fast dame. His first client is  a brunette actress with lust lines and loads of cash. She is willing to pay plenty to have her husband stashed away in a cozy sanitarium and she needs  Danny's help. The trouble comes when her clever little script clears the stage for murder.

Horwitz Edition
Danny Boyd's the name. It makes women quiver and gangsters quake. And it always spells curtains for a killer.

Robert McGinnis Cover
Danny tricks the husband into playing the part of  a homicidal maniac for a psychiatrist and the actor does such a good job that he wins a padded cell. The drama reaches an unexpected climax when the actor escapes. Two corpses make their entrance and Danny finds himself billed as the villain. A villain who is scheduled to die before the final curtain.

Signet Edition
Printing History

Horwitz Publications Inc.
As So Deadly Sinner!
Numbered Series #76 1959
International Edition Series #6 1961
International Edition Series #43 1964

New American Library
Signet Books
#1663 May 1959
#1663 May 1959 Canada
G2459 March 1964
G2459 Canada
T5394 1973

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Liquidator by Richard Hubbard

Alex Zenopolis, formerly of Greek Intelligence, will personally contact US agents in Greece within a week or so. Time and place to follow.

Universal Edition
The assignment seemed relatively simple. Nick Carter was to fly to Athens, hire a car and spend a few days nosing around the boat yards along the coast. At Pirgos he would pick up Alex's sister, Christina, then rent a sailing boat for a short cruise to Corfu. There he would contact Alex Zenopolis.

Tandem Edition
But the simplest assignments have a way of developing into deadly games. At all cost, he must stop a series of guerrilla attacks planned by the Vietcong, and the only person Nick Carter can trust is himself.

Award Edition
Printing History
Written by Richard Hubbard

Award AN1127 1973
Charter 1978
Tandem 426 14074 1974
Universal 426 14074 unkn

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Seductress by Carter Brown

One look at her and Danny Boyd knew that a blonde with her kind of eyes would be...murder!!!

Horwitz Edition 
 Through the half-open bedroom door Danny Boyd glimpsed a gorgeous pair of legs. One neatly clad in sheer nylon and a high-heeled shoe, the other naked and barefoot. He walked in and saw the blonde lying on the bed. She was everything the first tantalizing view had promised. Sultry. Seductive. Scintillating. And they were alone together. Only one thing was wrong. Now he knew the reason for her one bare leg. Someone had wrapped the missing nylon tight around her pretty throat.

Robert McGinnis Cover
A beautiful blonde runaway: Her big-wheel uncle finally checked out her ID, in the morgue.
A statuesque brunette: She'd fallen hard for an ex-movie idol who threw the wildest parties in plush Santo Bahia.

A magnificent redhead: She was just what Danny Boyd had been looking for. And she played him for a sucker.

Before he finds out who has organized him into a neat murder frame, debonair Danny Boyd, the tough private eye with the super ego, is provoked into dangerous fun and games with guns and dames. And uncovers a dope scandal that's a killer!

Signet Double

Printing History

Horwitz Publications Inc.
Numbered Series #95 1961
International Edition Series #31 1963
Horwitz Double Edition #11A 1982

New American Library
Signet Books
as The Sad-Eyed Seductress
S2023 November 1961
P4246 1970
Signet Double May 1982

Not sure when the title was changed. But maybe two different titles used one for each country

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Tigress by Carter Brown

The wanton redhead was like a tigress stalking her mate....and she made fair game for a killer.

Horwitz Edition
She was a dazzling redhead with sultry eyes and a flashing temper. She was a dedicated siren in search of love. And she considered every member of the opposite sex her willing prey. Any man would have jumped at the bait she offered. Lieutenant Al Wheeler of the Pine City police department didn't. That was his first mistake.....

Barye Cover
Double Edition

Printing History

Horwitz Publications inc.
Numbered Series #93 1961
International Edition Series #29 1963
Double Edition #10A 1981

New American Library
Signet Books
S1989 Sept 1961
D3212 June 1967
D3212 June 1967 (Canada)
Double Edition AE1027 Sept 1981

Signet 3rd Printing

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Assassination Brigade by Thomas Chastain

Award Edition

Where did it begin, this 24-hour communications blackout that nearly triggered World War III.
Why has one of Europe's most respected banking combines declared bankruptcy, its billions vanished into thin air?
What has caused the terrifying series of plane crashes throughout the world, deliberately engineered by pilots who, against their will, became instruments of their own deaths?
How have the top security secrets of the earth's most powerful countries suddenly leaked into enemy camps, as if minds were bring read?
Who is behind the series of near-assassinations of world figures by unlikely killers who then commit suicide?

Tandem Edition

Printing History
Written by Thomas Chastain

Award AN1121 April 1973
Award AQ1456 May 1975

Tandem 426 14066 1974

Charter 1981