Friday, October 31, 2014

Traveling The Globe Day #25

Was are at the end of Traveling The Globe. It was quite a ride throughout the various places in the world. But what would be a more fitting end than a nice scary place to go along with the ghoulish escapades of Halloween. We travel to Transylvania and the land of Dracula.

Trouble in Transylvania
by Barbara Wilson

Cassandra Reilly heads off to Budapest to visit her friend Jack while en route to China. In a complicated turn of events, the two soon find themselves in a spa town in the Transylvanian Mountains, attempting  to solve the mystery of the death of Dr. Pustulescu, inventor of an anti-aging formula. In a wide-ranging plot that encompasses everything from Romanian orphans and their American parents to Cassandra’s own spa treatments in search of how Dr. Pustulescu met his end in the electric bath, Cassandra and her friend bring new life to Dracula country.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Traveling The Globe Day #24

We are on the final leg of Traveling the Globe. 
Today we are in our nation's capital, Washington.

The Washington Legation Murders
by F. Van Wyck Mason

Back in Washington, Hugh North is on the trail of spies out to acquire the latest in American weapon technology. What he finds is murder, considerable diplomatic hanky-panky, and a skeleton that glows green. 

Washington Deceased 
by Michael Bowen

A former Senator, a convict serving time and friend of Richard Michaelson, asks for his help as he is certain he will be killed while in prison. When the suspected hitman is found dead and all evidence points to the Senator, Michaelson suspects that they have just scratched the surface of the intrigue. 
Washington Shadow
by Aly Monroe

With WWII just over, in the early autumn of 1945 Peter Cotton is sent to the States to check on the changing Intelligence services but finds a conspiracy that could change the world.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Traveling The Globe Day #23

Today we venture to Japan in Traveling The Globe. Tokyo will be our jumping off point in the final days of this special adventure of our quest to Travel The Globe. Tokyo is the the most populous metropolitan area in the world.

Assignment Tokyo
by James Dark

Hiroshi Sato was a karate champion who defeated all challengers. He was also a genius with a plan to put the world at his command. Mark Hood must go against him in both arenas and either one could get him killed.
Sign On For Tokyo  
by Alec Haig

The process that the company Instecon has developed for steel manufacturing is the best in the business, so good in fact that a foreign competitor will do anything to get the lead technician to come to their side, even if he does not want to. Alec Haig must find the lure and sever it.
Assignment: Tokyo
by Gil Davis

Again the CIA asks Dan Walker to take on an assignment, this time to help find out how the Red Chinese are convincing trained Army specialists to defect, and what happened to two CIA agents who have gone missing.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Traveling The Globe Day #22

Traveling The Globe is back from a short hiatus as we go south west to Melbourne. Melbourne is the capital and most populous city in the state of Victoria, and the second most populous city in Australia.

The Melbourne Virus
by Peter Leslie

 A Scottish detective tracks an innocent Australian tourist through Europe, trying to stop him from spreading a virus as fatal as the Black Death, but he soon discovers that the tourist is really a vicious criminal.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Traveling The Globe Day 21

Today in Traveling the Globe, we travel to the world down under to a place called Sydney Australia.  Sydney is the largest city and a major tourist destination. And did you know that Sydney was founded as a penile colony in 1788?

Assignment Sydney
by Philip McCutchan

What started out as a benign case of industrial espionage of cruise-ship entertainment schedules turns into murder and drug smuggling as James Packard finds when he goes undercover onboard an ocean liner heading to Australia.
Sydney For Sin
by Mark Corrigan

Set to return to the States, Corrigan is asked once more to help the Australian police. This case involved taking on a gang called the Kreig-Romain Syndicate and included numerous blonde-haired, blue-eyed ladies all made to look like each other. Then there was the secret agent's arm found inside a shark.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Traveling The Globe Day #20

Singapore is the place today in our further adventures of Traveling the Globe. Singapore is also called the Republic of Singapore and is a sovereign city state in Southeast Asia. And it lies off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula.

Singapore Downbeat 
by Mark Corrigan

Corrigan and Tucker are in Singapore where they each have an assignment. He must look into the activities of a Mr. Sin, a man deeply involved in the smuggling of synthetic gold. She has to check out an event with a poisoned pen. Somehow they must find a way to help each other.
Two Died in Singapore
by John Sherwood 

Charles Blessington was tired of being in Singapore and wanted to go home from his temporary assignment. Then someone he knows is murdered and suddenly he determined to stay.

The Singapore Exile Murders
by F Van Wyck Mason

The area is Southeast Asia for this assignment which has Hugh North going against agents from a good assortment of nations, all vying for control of formula for greatly improved steel used in military armor. North gets promoted to Major in this adventure.

Suddenly At Singapore
by Gavin Black

The sudden, violent death of his brother and partner, Jeff, sends Paul Harris into action as he is determined to learn who was being the murder. Since the two brothers had for some time been involved in smuggling guns to rebels fighting in Malaysia, it seemed a sure bet the cause lay there.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Traveling The Globe Day #19

Today in Traveling The Globe we continue our Chinese visit in the city of Shanghai.  
Shanghai is the largest Chinese city by population and the largest city by population in the world.

Shanghai Jezebel 
by Mark Corrigan 

A rich woman contemplating divorce hires Corrigan to fly to Reno to find and bring back a 'witness' in her proceedings. This quickly put Corrigan in the hunt for a woman from Shanghai, a redheaded killer with a love for men and money and a hatred for those interfering in her business.

The Shanghai Bund Murders
(The China Sea Murders)
 by F. Van Wyck Mason

When Hugh North finds hidden in a coin a message detailing Chinese weapon breakthroughs, he knows the agent who last had it was killed and now he has it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Traveling The Globe Day #18

Time to travel again as we take to the airways on our way to Peking China. Wait there is no Peking today, or is there? The answer might enlighten one. The Chinese capital did not change its name but Chinese words became spelled in English differently. Sometime the 1980's the Chinese started to enforce its official name on all flights, sea routes, and official documents. This is why the name Peking is still echoing in ones minds and people continue to us even today. It might be easier to pronounce Beijing.

Assignment: Peking
by Edwards S. Aarons

He was Sam Durell, Caucasian master spy for K Section. Now he is Major San Tze Peng, Occidental master spy for the Black House of L-5 in Peking. Surgically altered to look like the tall Chinese, he must sneak his way into the People's Republic of China and find out who are the Sentinels.

The Peking Pornographer
 by Mallory T. Knight

The evil spymaster Wang was back for another attempt to bring the world to its knees, this time through a plot to neuter all the males except those he alone spared. The first task, though, was to neutralize O'Shane.

The Peking Target
by Adam Hall

The mission started with the assassination of two high level diplomats, one English and the other American, while on official business to the People's Republic of China. During the same time frame, at least two agents for the Bureau are removed from life, taking with them the reasons for the attacks.

The Peking Dossier
 by Linda Stewart

Nick Carter heads to China to find out the meaning of KAN. He learns it means an army of soulless soldiers incapable of feeling any fear … or mercy.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Traveling the Globe Day #17

Today we spent one more day in Moscow and will be doing some sightseeing in Traveling The Globe. We will visit the Kremlin.

The Kremlin Conspiracy
by Sean Flannery (David Hagberg)

The noted Soviet scientist Sakharov has disappeared, possibly kidnapped. Also missing is his invention, a portable laser. Both the KGB and CIA are furiously searching for both as the President is en route for a summit conference.

The Kremlin Conspiracy 
by E Howard Hunt

Working in Europe because of a murder charge pending in the U.S., Neil Thorpe had greatly regretted his missteps three years before but now he is offered a chance to correct his mistakes and possibly fix his broken life.
The Kremlin File
by W.T. Ballard

Once again the Soviets have planted missiles in the Caribbean and Nick Carter must destroy them while avoiding the assassins who have been sent to destroy him.

No Kisses From The Kremlin
by H.T. Rothwell

Michael Brooks is sent to East Germany to spy on a test-firing of a new weapon system. He then decides on his own that kidnapping the inventor and smuggling her out was an even better idea.
Secret Mission: The Kremlin Plot
by Don Smith

Phil Sherman was on a business trip, taking an Aeroflot flight from Riga to Moscow, when a hijacker sought to take control and force the plane to the West. In a short gun battle with a Soviet sky marshal, the hijacker was dead and Sherman was in possession of a pack of cigarettes passed by the dying man.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Traveling The Globe Day #16

Today in Traveling The Globe we venture into the USSR to a place where Napoleon had trouble conquering. Moscow

by George Snyder

Taking the place of one of the Soviet Union’s leading assassins, Nick Carter sneaks into Moscow to find and destroy a new Soviet weapon.

Moscow At Noon Is The Target
by Chet Cunningham and Dan Streib

An elite group of former special forces soldiers has banded together as the Brigadiers and have staged startling audacious robberies in several Iron Curtain nations. Moscow vows that if the Brigadiers were to strike again, there would be war.
Moscow Coach
by Philip McCutchan

A radical British communist in onboard a train headed to Moscow with the aim of killing the man next in line for leadership of the Soviet Union. Shaw's task is to stop him from creating an international incident.
Moscow Roads
by Simon Harvester

Trying to track down a traitor inside the intelligence organization, Dorian Silk is drawn to a trade fair in Moscow. That move puts him in the middle of the enemy camp with few friends and fewer options.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Traveling The Globe Day #15

We are now at the halfway pint of Traveling The Globe. 
Today we travel back to France to a place called Marseille.

by Alan Caillou

Broke and out of work, Mike Benasque is in London trying to find work when he is offered a good paying position working for an anti-Communist magazine called The Outspeak. The publisher wants information about a terrorist group in Marseilles called the Companions.
The Marseilles Enforcer
by Don Smith

The CIA didn't want to be officially involved in the investigation so they turned to their unofficial agent, Phil Sherman, to help track down the source of a large heroin shipment hidden inside several new Renaults. They were certain the man behind it all was a Corsican named Perelli but it was Sherman's job to get the proof.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Traveling The Globe Day #14

Today in Traveling The Globe we travel south to the Sea of Marmara, Istanbul. The largest city in Turkey was once called Constantinople and was the center of the Byzantium Empire or the Eastern Roman Empire up until 1453 AD.

By Manning Lee Stokes

The opium trade coming out of Turkey has been increasing over the years. Running it is a cartel protected by four extremely dangerous assassins.

 Secret Mission: Istanbul
by Don Smith

To Phil Sherman, the mission sounded too easy. A major KGB chief had defected to Istanbul and he needed someone to sneak into Bulgaria to leave a message for his wife to join him. That was it. But then someone betrays him, a team sent to extract the wife is ambushed, and Sherman is caught as a spy.
That Girl From Istanbul
by M. G. Braun

Al Glenne and his friend, Jeff, were curious what happened to the beautiful Turkish lady until the first body was found. Then they decided to find out what was going on and discovered an international espionage plot with a great deal at stake.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Traveling The Globe Day #13

We are nearly halfway through our Traveling The Globe adventure. 
Today we head farther east to the capital of  Poland, Warsaw

The Warsaw Document
by Adam Hall

Fresh on the heals of a Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, the tension in Poland is palpable with dissidents rioting in the streets and Soviets with tanks near the border. Quiller's mission is to break in a young agent who is trying to find out who is behind the potential uprising.
East Past Warsaw 
by Diana Deverell

While her career has her specializing in fighting the use of hand guns, especially against innocents, Casey Collins is pulled into a different sort of fight, this one based on a missing nuclear physicist and some plutonium that also disappeared.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Traveling The Globe Day #12

In keeping the immediate area of Berlin, we take a side adventure to Munich, in Traveling The Globe.

Secret Mission: Munich
by Don Smith

The flooding of Europe's economy with bogus greenbacks threatens not only the American economy but all trade throughout the West. Phil Sherman is hired to find out who is behind the counterfeiting and stop them but the task is a tremendous one as the culprits are a new band of old-style Nazis.

The Munich Involvement
by Frederic Mullally

Bob Sullivan has been asked by his newspaper to investigate and report on the Radical Democratic Party which, twenty-two years after the defeat of Nazism, is scoring significant successes, using the same political philosophy, the same crude appeal to extreme nationalism, that put Hitler’s National Socialists in power.