Monday, October 18, 2021

Time Clock Of Death by George Snyder

Time Clock Of Death
by George Snyder

Nick's mission was to find the jet before the ultimatum runs out!

This was the ultimate in hijacking. Russia's super-secret jet, stolen from a New York airport, whisked from under the noses of guards. Hidden, but where? Nobody knew who had master-minded the plan, but Russia knew who had to be blamed, and if they didn't get a satisfactory answer from the United States, the missiles would take off. Nick Carter's only clue were a few garbled words from a dying man.

Time was running out. Russian missiles were programmed to attack. Their target, the United States. The Soviet's super-spy plane had been hijacked and the Kremlin blamed the Americans. But nobody knew who was really behind the plot, or how the hijackers got away with their fantastic feat. Nick Carter only had a few hours to find the missing plane. All he had to go on were a few garbled words from a dying man's lips and a beautiful women with an expensive taste for the bizarre.

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Printing History 
Written by George Snyder

Universal Publishing and Distributing Corp
Award Books
1st Printing (A656X) June 1970
2nd Printing (AN1092) Oct 1972
3rd Printing (AQ1370) Nov 1974

Tandem Books
1st Printing (426 5581) 1971
Reprint (426 7421) Dec 1972
Reprint (426 17419) 

Charter Communications Inc
Charter Books

Star Books
Reprint (352 30587) 1979,1981

Saturday, October 16, 2021

The Arab Plague/The Slavemaster by Jon Messman

The Arab Plague/The Slavemaster
by Jon Messman

A mind-altering drug used to blackmail the world
A terrifying new twist on the slave trade
An assignment for Nick Carter that can't succeed, but dare not fail

A primitive Arab town tormented by a merciless sun.
A stinking hellhole call the salve market.
A merchant of human flesh who doubles as a spy.
An American agent grown soft on the job.

Strange pieces in an espionage puzzle that Nick Carter must solve. It begins with the suspected sellout of intelligence information. And it climaxes with a nightmare struggle for power that must, but can't, be won.

A diabolical clever espionage plot is behind the bizarre behavior of the world's leaders. there are sudden defections, incredible policy reversals, and shattered diplomatic relations. All heading toward mass hysteria and worldwide disaster. AXE agent Nick Carter's assignment is to find the mastermind playing the global death game before the world explodes. His hunt leads him to the desert stronghold of a satanic Arab. A macabre madman who uses cunning brutality and mind altering drugs on beautiful women for a new twist on the old slave trade.

Bonus Cover

Printing History
Written by Jon Messman (1920-2004)

Universal Publishing and Distributing Corp
Award Series
1st (A583X) February 1970
2nd (AQ1513) January 1976

Tandem Series
As The Slavemaster
1st Printing 1970
Reprint 1971
Reprint (426 12765) May 1973

Universal Edition
Reprint (426 12765)

Star Edition
Reprint (426 19078) 1979
As The Arab Plague

Friday, October 15, 2021

China Coaster by Don Smith

China Coaster
by Don Smith

When rough, tough Mike O'Connor smashes his way into Red China's sinister underworld in search of a brutal killer, the twisted trail leads him through opium dens, "flower houses", and slave markets - to a lushly beautiful white adventuress and a blood-chilling climax.

Printing History
Written by Don Smith

Henry Holt and Company
January 1953

Popular Library
September 1953

January 1960

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

The Lady Killer by Rod Gray

The Lady Killer
by Rod Gray

When L.U.S.T. and H.A.T.E. indulge in horseplay, the game smacks of death

Dope Death Dike & Drum
The drug market is threatened when a tam of doctors discover Terathon, the miracle cure for heroin addiction. To protect its investment H.A.T.E. orders the deaths of four scientists and the kidnapping of Eve Drum. The man they hire for the job is a lady. But when the beautiful lesbian tangles with the worlds sexiest spy, Oh Oh Sex comes out on top

Printing History
Written by Jim Conway

Tower Publications Inc
Belmont Tower Books
August 1975

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Sex Mates Of A Chess Mistress by Ted Mark

Sex Mates Of A Chess Mistress
by Ted Mark

The fun and games of an erotic queen!

You just had to squeeze her!

When a voluptuous sixteen year old girl got arrested for rape,

When she used her days and nights in a woman's reformatory to expand her sensuous horizons,

When she turned chess into the ultimate erotic game as she took on all comers in bed and on the board,

Even Regina Blue, the greatest sex-pert of them all, had to agree

Barbie Was Quite a Doll!

Printing History
Written by Theodore Mark Gottfried (1928-2004)

Dell Publishing Company, Inc
Dell Books
July 1975

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Good-Knife Sweetheart by Carter Brown

Good-Knife Sweetheart
by Carter Brown

With a million bucks to gain and nothing to lose why would she remember old friends? 
So it was lights out and …..

Cover by Bernard Blackburn

Printing History
Alan G Yates (1922-1985)

Transport Publishing Company
for and on behalf of Horwitz Publications, Inc
Novelette Series 1954

Cover by Bernard Blackburn

First Collectors' Series Volume 12 (1955)
w/Homicide Harem and Poison Ivy
as Good Knife Sweetheart

Second Collectors' Series Vol 1 #10 (1957)
w/Wreath For Rebecca and Perfumed Poison
as Good Knife Sweetheart

Cover by Theo Batten

Second Collectors Series Vol 2 #10 (July 1960)
w/Curves For A Coroner
as Good Knife Sweetie

Monday, October 4, 2021

The Cobra Kill by Manning Lee Stokes

The Cobra Kill
by Manning Lee Stokes

The high price of dying on an ultra lethal assignment

For openers, it cost Nick $10,000 just to find out that his quarry, once the most powerful communist in Indonesia, was hidden in the Malayan jungle. Then there was the added expense of physical energy bedding the nymphomaniacal daughter of Malaysia's top intelligence minister. Just to find out that her information was not nearly enough. Plus the loss of a lot of valuable sleep wondering whether his sultry guide was interested in him for sex or simply to lure him on for the kill. And the closer Nick came to completing the assignment, the surer he was that the ultimate balance would have to be paid with his life.

It took the lure of the wild, bizarre manhunt to get Nick Carter out of Hong Kong and into Malaysia. It took an exotic nymphomaniac to give Nick the information he needed to start his murder mission alive. It took a the savage native seductress to lead Nick through the Malaysian jungle to find his quarry, Lim Yang, the famous Red Cobra. And it took Nick no time to realize he was deep in hot action, deadly coincidences, and enough double crosses to plunge him straight into a death trap.

Bonus Covers

Printing History
Written by Manning Lee Stokes (1911-1976)

Universal Publishing and Distributing Corp
Award Series
1st Printing (A495X) 1969
2nd Printing (A924S) 1972
3rd Printing (AN1244) 1974

Tandem Series
1st Printing (426 4239) 1969/1970
Reprint (426 5418) 1971
Reprint (426 7376) Dec 1972

Universal Books
Reprint (426 17355) 1977

Star Books
Reprint (352 30665) 1980, 1981, 1985

Saturday, October 2, 2021

The Living Death by Jon Messman

The Living Death
by Jon Messman

A new kind of enemy. A new kind of destruction. 
As Nick Carter becomes the decoy in a deadly game of biological warfare.

The Target: The best scientific minds in the world.
The Weapon: Secret, undetectable, and always fatal.

Seven of the world's most brilliant scientists had suddenly become vegetables. Living dead men whose brains had been butchered by an unknown source. This was a new enemy. Experimenting with germ warfare. Doing its horrifying work with brutal effectiveness. It was Nick Carter's job to find out who was behind this terror. Even if it meant using himself as bait for an unseen opponent whose lethal discoveries might well condemn him to The Living Death.

As usual Nick Carter was prepared for action and primed to kill, But this time killing was the easy part. The action was something else. It came in the form of an English Blonde, a stacked sexual Italian, and a sultry Swiss packages that could drive any man wild or out of his mind. Or in the case of Nick, give him a definite head start towards certain death.

Bonus Covers

George Gross Cover

Printing History
Written by Jon Messman (1920-2004)

Universal Publishing and Distributing Corp
Award Series
1st Printing (A496X) 1969
2nd Printing (A922S) 1970
3rd Printing (AN1103) Jan 1972
4th Printing (AQ1561) March 1976

Charter Communications Inc
Charter Books
(441-48541) January 1982

Tandem Series
1st Printing(4247) 1969
Reprint (4247) 1971
Reprint (426 4247 Dec 1972
Universal (426 17312) 1977