Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Race of Death by David Hagberg

The course is set for terrorist intrigue at The Grand Prix!

UK Edition
Q: When should Nick Carter "Killmaster" N3 accept a routine assignment as bodyguard to a VIP?

A: When the VIP is the President of the United States. A charismatic diplomat embarked on a world wide peace mission. And when a highly organized terrorist gang is hell bent on all out war!

Two assignation attempt have been foiled. But they were just distraction tactics. These radical thugs are pros and they are determined to eliminate the President, unless Nick Carter gets the answers to some sticky questions:

Has the President's son been seduced by an underground movement?

Will the petty jealous of Chief of Security Derek Stone get in the Nick's way? Or is Stone's careerism just a front for a more sinister motive?

And what is the significance of the tiny red tattoo that marks the assassins?

The President is in Spa, Belgium for the Grand Prix! and time is running short. There is only one route left, and Nick has to get behind the wheel of a speeding Porsche to succeed!

George Gross Cover
Printing History
Written by David Hagberg

Charter Books 
441 70270 (October 1978)

Star Books
352 30725 (1982)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nude-With A View by Carter Brown

She was a wild kid mixed up with a bunch of psycho artists and muscle-bound beach-boys.
Her kookie cutups had to stop.
Everyone agreed: Her movie-star father, Rick Holman, and the murderer.

Robert McGinnis Cover
Death by Design
A gorgeous girl like Angie was in big demand as an artist's model. And Harry Loomis loved to copy her curves onto canvas. But Harry had one hang up. He always painted Angie dead. Dead by strangling, shooting, hanging, and stabbing! 

So Angie's father decided it was time for her art career to end, and he hired Rick Holman to help him wind it up. But someone decided to paint one final picture. And Rick found himself with one dead model. A perfect copy of her last painting complete to the ugly knife wound in her beautiful belly.

Photo Cover
Printing History

Horwitz Publications
Numbered Series #125 (1965)

New American Library
Signet Books
D2670 April 1965
Q6068 1974

Monday, August 29, 2011

Deadly Doubles by Larry Van Gelder

Their business is death and it is Nick Carter's job to stop them!

George Gross Cover
A League of Blood!
From a bizarre death camp in Java to the teeming streets of Djakarta. From a Beirut prison cell to the glittering casinos of Europe. Nick Carter "Killmaster" tracks the leader of the New Alliance, whose business is death and whose goal is the extermination of millions. The Pan-Arab Protection Society and The Black Dragon Society have joined forces with The Butcher Boy of Belsen in a desperate struggle to strangle the world economy. Two beautiful young women are mercilessly killed, Arab oil sheiks are mysteriously slain, with the weapons of Nick Carter. As a fierce nationalist Japanese plots a vendetta against Nick. One false step and a tidal wave of hate will be unleashed against the world!

Star Edition
Printing History
Written by Larry Van Gelder

Award AD1695 (May 1977) (Cancelled)
Charter 441 14163 (September 1978)
Star 352 30578 (1980)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Girl From Outer Space by Carter Brown

She was a dazzling dark haired import.
She had a $100,000 film contract.
She was out of this world.
And someone wanted to keep her there!

Robert McGinnis Cover

She was out of this world, and someone would even commit murder to keep her there!

If Rick Holman's idea of a chaperone to keep The Girl from Outer Space in strict orbit was some flat chested, middle aged relic of the past, he was about a million light years off!

For Kathy Frick, chaperone, was a pagan looking blonde. Anything but flat chested, and with the most sensual upper lip Rick had ever seen.

Kathy was a girl of many talents, none of which included chaperoning. Naturally, she flubbed the job she was hired for. And naturally, Rick Holman has a helluva new challenge on his hands!

Photo cover
Printing History

Horwitz Publications
Numbered Series #127 (1965)

New American Library
Signet Books
D2736 (July 1965)
T5321 (1973)

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Ebony Cross by Jack Canon

A routine defection explodes in a bloody confrontation.

Star Edition
When death garbles a coded message, Nick Carter discovers an international double-cross.

It started out as a routine defection and the exit plan seemed airtight. Since scientist Hans Metzger had supposedly solved the cost factor of an alternative energy source. AXE agreed to send Nick to Budapest to direct the escape of Metzger and his beautiful daughter. Then the bodies started dropping, and Nick Carter knew his cover had been blown by someone he trusted. But who was the double agent so close to him? And what was the meaning of the words "ebony cross"? Why did every agent in Europe think agent N3 knew the answer? Killmaster needed the answers to stay alive!

George Gross Cover
Printing History
Written by Jack Canon

Award AD1683 (April 1977) (Cancelled)
Charter 441-18270 (August 1978)
Star 352-30399 (1979)

This title was to be published by Award in April 1977 but was cancelled when Award folded.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Long Story Magazine #9

Recently found this on Ebay from a gent from the UK.

April 1960
Here we have the title Terror Come Creeping. Someone at Horwitz screwed up and the incorrect title was used. The actual title is to be Walk Softly Witch (revised edition of Eve It's Extortion or the USA title The Victim). The later Long Story Magazine #17 (December 1960) will have the incorrect title Walk Softly Witch but the correct title was to be Terror Comes Creeping. The two titles were switched.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Prompt For Murder by Sinclair MacKeller

He had died with a briefcase full of secrets.
Other people's secrets.

He was an easy man to hate, and to murder.

Desmond Connors was the dirtiest stage director in the business. He cheated on his wife. He blackmailed members of his cast. And he got away with it. Finally someone had had enough. Desmond Connors and his deadly secrets were laid to rest. During the investigation, one question plagued Scotland Yard. Was there anyone who did not want to see Desmond Connors dead?

Printing History

Raven House Mysteries
Published by Worldwide Library
June 1981 

Written by Alan G Yates.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just A Matter Of Time by James Hadley Chase

Just A Matter Of Time

Beverley Le Barrow cover
Taking an old lady for a ride is a cinch, if you're her chauffeur.....

It was just a matter of how. Alice Morely-Johnson was worth several million buck, dead or alive. A retired concert pianist, she had a penchant for attractive young men, rings, and riches. The man in the front seat was Bromhead, also a master forger. He infiltrated Sheila, who was prepared to use her beautiful body whenever necessary. And Chris Patterson, the attractive young man with all the right connections. Alice's will became their target, which made the crime just a matter of time.....

Printing History
Published by Granada Publishing Limited
Panther Books
1973, 1975, 1978, 1980
586 038782

Monday, August 22, 2011

Under The Wall by DeWitt S Copp

The Berlin Wall
A Blockade To Freedom

The Students, upset about pres reports of West Berliners profiteering from escapees, had an altruistic plan to aid their eastern compatriots.

The Assassin knew how to use the idealism of the students and maintain his professional status. He was an expert at bloody assassinations and did not care who paid him as long as the money was there.

Nick Carter knew what would happen if the U.S. President was blown away. Detente would explode in worldwide disaster.

George Gross Cover
Printing History
Written by DeWitt S. Copp

Award AD 1673 (March 1977) (Cancelled)
Charter 441 84499 (July 1978)
Star 352 31146 (1982)

This cover is the first painted by George Gross (1909-2003). Most reprints up until August 1979 were old Award covers that were recycled. This title was slated to be published by Award in March 1977.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Silken Nightmare by Carter Brown

Her name was Midnight.
She was dangerous, delicious, just like a dream.
The kind where you wake up screaming.

Robert McGinnis Cover
"If you can resist me, you are a free man."
Midnight was as deadly as a black widow with the mating urge. Her raven hair danced over her bare white shoulders as her body twisted and taunted in sinuous invitation. Danny Boyd, toughest private eye in the business, nearly lost the dare. A split second before be belted her in the jaw. The reigning queen of the hoods plans a big crime, and in big time. When she take Danny prisoner.

Signet Photo Cover
Printing History

Horwitz Publications
Numbered Series #115 (1963)
International Edition Series #47 (1965)

New American Library
Signet Books
G2400 (December 1963)
T5277 (1972)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Revenge Of The Generals by Saul Wernick

Arena of Death

Four power-mad generals, an engineering genius, a beautiful astrophysicist, and an aristocratic Spaniard caught Nick Carter "Killmaster" in a deadly trap. Their diabolical plot brought the world to its knees....

Star Edition
One by one the letters came. Each warning of an impending airliner disaster. Soon after each letter a jumbo jet would crash from the sky in a hideous orgy of destruction. The world was shocked by the carnage. Nick was the final hope. But could he escape in time to halt the ultimate weapon of death.

Four doddering generals with money and power to get what they wanted......revenge!

El General Felipe Quintero was descended from the Conquistadors, but he had been badly hurt by strafing German planes in the 1930's. On his ranch in Spain he plotted............................

Major-General Emilien Gignoux received a stunning blow during WW II when ground strafing planes almost wiped out his infantry troops. He never received another command. He remembered and was ready...........

Lieutenant-General  Aleksei Akimov's tanks were blown out of action is first day in the Ukraine and he was lucky not to be put in front of a Soviet firing squad. He could not forget the humiliation...........

Colonel-General Otto Schneider's trucks and armored personnel carriers could not move for three days because of American fighter-bombers. It was too late when he could. His grudge has grown and festered...

They pooled their resources and got the best brain to assuage their long-wounded dignity. And the harrowing terror campaign against the skies began.... Could Nick Carter outmaneuver them...?

Award Cover
Printing History
Written by Saul Wernick
Award AD1664 (February 1977)
Charter 441 71834 (June 1978)
Star 352 30440 (1979)

Revenge Of  The Generals was to be published by Award Books in February 1977, but was cancelled when Award folded in January. Charter Books picked up the series in 1978.

Friday, August 19, 2011

W.H.O.R.E.! by Carter Brown

A house full of liberated women seduce Police Lt. Al Wheeler into a bizarre masquerade of sex, politics, and murder.

Horwitz Edition
Body Snatcher
Al Wheeler knew he had seen the gorgeous nude body draped across the bed, a bullet through her brain. Yet now she had vanished. And with no corpse to back up his story, Al's fellow cops were beginning to think he had finally flipped out. Especially when he explained that the missing victim had been kidnapped by nothing less than a giant Mickey Mouse.

Robert McGinnis Cover
The answer, Wheeler knew, could be found only at W.H.O.R.E., the bizarre Women's Lib group where freedom meant sex, and liberation spelled murder!

W: Women's 
H: Hereditary
O: Obligatory
R: Revolutionary 
E: Establishment

Double Edition
Printing History

Horwtiz Publications
Numbered Series #161 (1972)
ISBN 7255 0161
Double Edition Series #2A (1978)
w/ The Sex Clinic

New American Library
Signet Books
T4798 (October 1971 )
Double Edition E8354 (November 1978)
Double Edition AE1698 (1982)
w/The Sex Clinic

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Miss From S.I.S. by Bob Tralins

The Miss From S.I.S.

She's the swingin'est secret agent that ever changed into something more than a trench coat!

A sweet, simple, home-loving type who can whip up an explosive device the way other girls whip up souffle.

Between them , Mother Nature and Grandma Whistler have fitted her out with an astonishing arsenal of equipment that begins with an incredible perfect body (courtesy of Mother Nature) and ends with an absolutely paralyzing kiss (from Grandma Whistler). From head to toe, she is feminine allure raised to the nth power which is why she is know as The Venus Spy Trap!

Her assignment: Uncover a sinister plot to establish a dictatorial monarchy in Washington D.C. The President was about to made king, unless The Miss from S.I.S. could beat him to the throne!

Printing History

Belmont B50-704 
August 1966

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Plot For The Fourth Reich by Bob Latona

Nick Carter combats an ex-Nazi's incredible plot to take over the hemisphere! 

Award Edition
South American Pipeline of Death
It began with the brutal slaying of a reporter who moved in too close/ And the kidnapping of his pretty Latin informant. The CIA and FBI people knew it was too complex for them. So they called Nick Carter, AXE Killmaster N3. The target was Steyer, an ex-Nazi with mad dreams of conquest. What dreaded secret did Steyer hold? What could be so secret, so sinister, that he hid it in a billion dollar narcotics ring? Following the trail of corpses from one end of South America to the other, from Buenos Aires to Columbia, Nick Carter had to solve this riddle. Finally, in a pitched battle that saw U.S. Marines, the CIA, FBI, the Cuban navy, and the kingpin of Soviet intelligence pitted against each other, Nick Carter had to negotiate the murderous crossfire and try to bring in Steyer alive.

Printing History
Written by Bob Latona

Award AD1655 (1977)

Award Books folds in January 1977. Thus the Nick Carter Killmaster Series was halted. Nick Carter was the bread and butter for Award Books.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Coffin Bird by Carter Brown

Danny Boyd knows his figures and the sexy swinger with the cool millions adds up to murder.
Times two!

Horwitz Edition
"Being filthy rich and having the kind of body men lust after gives me confidence!"
Marcia Burgess' last two suitors had committed suicide, according to the police reports. But Marcia had her own suspicions, Mike Burgess, her stepfather, boorish and broke. Sonia Sheppard, the rival who shared Marcia's men, and the mysterious Johnny Fareham. A family tree which blossomed with insanity made Marcia even suspect herself of double homicide! 

Enter Danny Boyd, a super sleuth with a stud's credentials, to sort out the web of coincidences, a silk spun snare from which he might find no exit!

Robert McGinnis Cover
Printing History

Horwitz Publications
Numbered Series #155 (1971)

New American Library
Signet Books
P4394 (October 1970)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Gallagher Plot by Saul Wernick

Nick Carter is in the middle of a very dirty business deal: The payoff could be death! 
Terrorists pull off a kidnapping and the ransom demand is millions in top secret arms.

George Gross Cover
They could turn the Emerald Isle into a sea of blood!

Gallagher: A fanatic nationalist is hell bent on getting the most advanced weaponry for his civil war. He'd kidnap, torture, and murder to get what he wants.
Marat: The gangster son of a powerful Syndicate head. He was helpless when his daughter was kidnapped for $2.5 million. He vowed revenge and he did nit care who was the bloody target. 
Brenna: Her weapon was her body and she gave it willingly and expertly fir the cause of her strife torn country.
Mavropoulos: International arms dealer, a snake in gentleman's clothes. He would put any weapon up for sale, and the spoils to the highest bidder.

Award Edition
Printing History
Written by Saul Wernick

Award AD 1647 (19760
Charter 441 27244 (1979)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Jade-Eyed Jungle by Carter Brown

The script called for a kiss........of death!

A sexy redhead from Rome was headed for stardom. 

Nothing could stop her......but a bullet.

Robert McGinnis Cover
Curvaceous movie starlet Carola Russo has trouble staying inside her bikini. And she finds it equally difficult to keep her hands of her leading man. When the two run off to a hideaway in the Hollywood hills, movie trouble shooter Rick Holman lands the job of keeping the item out of the papers. Then someone starts pumping bullets into the stars' loves nest and Rick finds he has been hired to cover up a torrid scandal that has all the makings of a red hot murder!

Signet Reprint

Printing History

Horwitz Publications
as The Jade-Eyed Jinx
Numbered Series  #112 (1963)
International Edition Series #45 (1964)
New American Library
Signet Books
G2355 (September 1963)
T5167 (1972)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Ashes To Ashes by Don Pendleton

Meet Ashton Ford

He has been a spy and a naval officer. A scholar and an adventurer. A man whose knowledge of cryptology and philosophy is exceeded only by his capability with hand guns. But what Ashton Ford does best is hardly so conventional. He has powers, sometimes he can see the future. And he uses his powers to make peoples lives a  lot easier, or a whole lot harder. Now Ashton is hired by a beautiful and vulnerable women desperate  for a cure for her erotic failures. Her one desire is to have a sexual surrogate. Even as warning bells in his head signal disaster. He can't resist the chance to aid her, and invite untold danger.

Printing History
Written by Don Pendleton

Popular Library
445 20250 April 1986

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Triple Cross by Dennis Lynds

It all began as a favor by American AXE to British MI-5.
A routine hit that explodes into an epidemic of assassinations.

Award Edition


Greece, Albania, Yugoslavia....three neighbors with allegiances to three different super powers! Very few ever get across that three way border alive. But it's sometimes said that the balance of world power depends on what happens in that no-man's land, where rugged mountains hide the local bandits and make perfect snipers nests for the crack border guards.........

Nick Carter had to cross all three borders, twice. It all began as a routine hit, a favor for British MI-5. It was less than routine when Nick discovered a traitor high up in the American Embassy in Athens. And it wasn't routine at all when that incident turned into an epidemic of political assassinations, spreading from Greece, to England, to America!
Charter Edition
Printing History
Written by Dennis Lynds

Award AD1636 1976
Charter 441 82407 1980

Triple Cross was based on an old Shadow manuscript.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

True Son Of The Beast! by Carter Brown

A country house full of sexy, sultry swingers,
but one was a witch with murder on her mind!

Robert McGinnis Cover
Satanic Sex!
There was a curse on the house, and a corpse with its throat cut open in the marsh. Screenwriter Larry Baker came to the strange island estate to bring superstar Trudi Lambert back to Hollywood. But he did not count on a house full of devil worshipers. 

Horwitz Edition
Before the week was over there were lewd satanic orgies, strange creatures lurking in the darkness. And an island strewn with dead bodies. Baker's script called for sex, but the question was survival!

Signet Reprint
Printing History

Horwitz Publications
Numbered Series #153 1970 (1971?)
ISBN 7255 0106

New American Library
Signet Books
P4268 June 1970
Y8050 1978

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Nichovev Plot by Craig Nova

Soviet Premier Kidnapped!
Nick's mission is to find him before detente turns to wholesale murder!

Charter Reprint
Pravda screamed for war. The CIA and the FBI were helpless. AXE had one lead: a telegram that said Nichovev would be executed in four days, signed "The Great Mother, Who is Death, and the Old Man of the Mountains, who is her Deputy on Earth." Nick Carter had little time to locate the headquarters of an international organization of death-worshiping occultist who, behind the smokescreen of comparative religion, practices human sacrifice. They killed for one reason: they worshiped death and were addicted to it. 

Now they were prepared a high priority offering. Their habit was growing so they devised a scheme for starting war by assassinating the Soviet Premier!

Printing History
Written by Craig Nova

Award AD1623 1976
Charter 441-57435 1978

Monday, August 8, 2011

Seidlitz And The Super-Spy by Carter Brown

Catch a falling corpse,
throw a curve at a playboy prince, 
and flirt with espionage,
Mavis style.

Robert McGinnis Cover
Mavis Seidlitz
She is the grooviest private eye in the business. A dedicated asset to the squad of LA's Rio investigations. Topnotch in the numbers game (38-23-37). Hotshot in the dope racket. Sexpert in the art of self defense. A kitteny mankiller who learns the hard way that is is what's up front that counts.

So what is a nice girl like Mavis doing in an orgy at Carla's place in Capri? It's blackmail! A girl can't even take a vacation in Rome, France, without getting caught up in  an embarrassing situation with somebody else's corpse, a secret service agent, and an oil rich prince named Harry who just love blondes (38-23-37).

Mavis is trapped. Game for a philandering prince and a knife throwing cutup. A luscious target for murder. A swinging detective about  to be axed to the Party Of The Year.

UK Edition
Printing History

Horwitz Publications
Numbered Series #137 1967

New American Library
Signet Books
D3168 May 1967

New English Library
as The Super-Spy
#2497 November 1969

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A High Yield In Death by Jim Bowser

Nick Carter's mission was to hunt down and destroy the brutal Albanian who was the world's most deadliest assassin.

What is the link between ..........

Creighton Davies
The Canadian millionaire whose favorite charities were the most violent political extremists.

Mike Kaplan
The New York manufacturer who made the insane single-handed attempt on the millionaire's life.

Lil Chan Lee
Davies' very beautiful and very private secretary, who kept turning up when Nick Carter least expected her, in his bed.

Lothar Camaj
The Albanian killer who was trying to infiltrate Davies' entourage.

The link between the Albanian secret service and the eccentric millionaire would draw Nick Carter "Killmaster" into a labyrinth of betrayal and violence.

Printing History
Written by Jim Bowser

Award AQ1609 1976

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Some Look Better Dead by Hank Janson

A seemingly innocuous visit to a fashion show leads Chicago Chronicle's ace reporter Hank Janson into a web of  murder and intrigue with dark secrets from the past. Uncovering a disturbing scenario of sexual obsession and violence, he starts to realize that this one assignment to which there can be no easy answers, and no happy ending.

The Hank Janson pulp paperback novels were a British publishing sensation in the 1940s and 1950s. Selling millions of copies. With the erotic pun up covers and hardboiled crime tales, readers craved the escapism from the post war austerity. 

Printing History
Written by Stephen D Frances
Originally published in January 1950
Telos Publishing Ltd. 2003

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Plush-Lined Coffin by Carter Brown

Lt. Al Wheeler discovers that a California love cult can be a very sexy way to make a killing.

Robert McGinnis Cover
The game was spiritual love, but the come on was solid sex!
Rafe was tall, handsome, hypnotic. Justine had blond hair to her waist, gleaming cat-eyes, and a figure to bring out the beast in any man. They operated from a Moorish pleasure palace called the Temple Of Love. And they  had something for everybody. They even had consultation for the widow of a murdered man, before the murder. That is when police Lieutenant Al Wheeler came in and found that with this love cult, murder was a very special passion....

UK Edition
Home is where the heat is.
A year ago Hank Magnuson left with ten thousand dollars leaving behind a wife, a mistress, a cheating  business partner, and a lot of bad feelings. Why wasn't he smart enough  to stay away? Why did he come back  to Pine City to be murdered? California cop Al Wheeler visits a pretty widow and finds her comforted by a "guiding light" named Rafe Kendall. Next Al wrestles with Kendall's sidekick, love priestess, who drops secrets as fast as her clothes.

Horwitz Edition
Now, Al has nothing against sex, but the Temple of Love is too good to be true. So Al starts asking the right questions of the wrong people..and nearly talk himself into a plush-lined coffin.

Signet Reprint
Printing History

Horwitz Publications
Numbered Series #140 1967
Printed in Hong Kong

New American Library
Signet Books
D3289 October 1967
Y6904 March 1976

New English Library
#2324 December 1968

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Sign Of The Prayer Shawl by David Hagberg

Within 48 hours, airliners will crash into the  world's major financial centers...unless Nick Carter can stop Shintu's men.

Award Edition
When honor is at stake, death is the only solution!
As Nick Carter watched helplessly , an AXE agent from Japan died a violent death in the fourth major air disaster in less than three months. Did agent Nashima know who or what was responsible for the terrifying series of hijackings and flaming death in the air? Did the agent's beautiful sister in Tokyo have anything to do with it?. Nick's only clues were the words "Aki Shintu", some white prayer shawls, and a trail of bodies. Could it be that Nashima had discovered a secret so important that hundreds of innocent people had to be killed to keep one man from telling it?

Charter Reprint
Printing History
Written by David Hagberg

Award AQ 1590 1976
Charter 441 76355 1978