Monday, July 27, 2015

On The Secret Service Of His Majesty, The Queen by Sol Weinstein

OY-OY-7 Strikes Again

It’s dire times for Israeli intelligence agency M 33 and 1/3. Auntie Sem-Heidt and her sinister agents of TUSH have been killing off Hebrew agents, as part of a devious plan to eradicate Jewish culture at its base. And in the midst of this, turmoil, super agent Israel Bond finds himself stuck with the job of protecting Baldroi LeFagel, the half-arab and all-fabulous new King of Sahd Sakistan. Will the Star of David-lovin’ Agent Oy-Oy-7 be willing to handle all of the crosses needed for this assignment crossing physical boundaries, moral boundaries, and even cross-dressing, or will all this mishugas leave him cross-eyed and just plain cross?

Printing History
Written by Sol Weinstein

Playboy Magazine
July and August 1966

Pocket Books
September 1966

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