Monday, February 28, 2011

1968 Men Annual

Volume 1 Number 2

Features the Carter Brown title Captive Females of Passion House. Al Wheeler appears in this tale and was first published as Doll For the Big House (Horwitz in 1957) aka The Bombshell (Signet in 1960).

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Time Clock of Death by George Snyder

 This was the ultimate in hijacking. Russia's super-secret jet, stolen from a New York airport, whisked from under the noses of guards. Hidden, but where? Nobody knew who had master-minded the plan, but Russia knew who had to be blamed, and if they didn't get a satisfactory answer from the United States, the missiles would take off. Nick Carter's only clue were a few garbled words from a dying man.

Charter Edition                                             Award Edition

 Time was running out. Russian missiles were programmed to attack. Their target,the United States. The Soviet's super-spy plane had been hijacked and the Kremlin blamed the Americans. But nobody knew who was really behind the plot, or how the hijackers got away with their fantastic feat. Nick Carter only had a few hours to find the missing plane. All he had to go on were a few garbled words from a dying man's lips and a beautiful women with an expensive taste for the bizarre.

Tandem Editions
Winther Edition

Printing History
Written by George Snyder

Award Editions
1st (A656X) June 1970
2nd (AN1092) Oct 1972
3rd (AQ1370) Nov 1974
Charter Reprint (81025) 1978

Tandem Editions
1st (426 5581) 1971
Reprint (426 7421) Dec 1972
Reprint (426 17419) unkn
Star Reprint (352 30587) 1979,1981

Winther Edition #64
Copenhagen Denmark
(91 35 00323) 1972

Star Edition


Julia Baron appears for the last time in this title 

She appears in 

Run, Spy, Run 
The China Doll
Fraulein Spy
Danger Key
Time Clock of Death

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Terror Comes Creeping (Part 2) by Carter Brown

Another copy of Terror Comes Creeping

Four Square Crime
Published in UK by New English Library's Four Square Books
April 1967  #1806

The Million Dollar Babe by Carter Brown

 She dealt a professional gambler into a $1,000,000 game with the syndicate......killer take all.

Horwitz Edition
Printing History
as Cutie Cashed His Chips
Numbered Series #3 1955
Second Collectors Series Vol 1 Number 14 1958
as Million Dollar Babe
International Edition #17 1962
International Edition #17 1963

Signet Books
1st (S1909) Feb 1961
2nd (Canada) 1961
3rd (D3636) 1968

3rd Signet Printing
Here name was Babe and her heart belonged to Daddy. Any Daddy with a cool million. She was the fabric a guy could weave his dreams from in the long silence of a lonely night. She told gambler Mike Farrell. "Ten days from now you can own a half share in a million dollars and" Mike knew that an y guy would be crazy to refuse her offer.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Mind Killers by Jon Messman

They were all-American heroes, scientifically programmed to assassinate. Nick Carter's orders were to stop them before they reached the President of the United States.

Tandem Edition
They were walking, thinking human time-bombs, unique killers who would have no trace after the job was done. They had been carefully chosen for the assignment. Each a super patriot, above suspicion in espionage. Now they were ordered to Washington to assassinate the President. Nick Carter's mission was to stop them. If he could destroy the mechanism used to brainwash the men. If he could unmask the leader behind the plan. If he could outrace programmed killers hurtling towards explosion.

Charter Edition
  • A Chinese laundry ticket that mysteriously turned up in a North Vietnamese POW camp.
  • A whistle used to train dogs to obey commands.
  • A frigid girl who suddenly became an insatiable nymphomaniac.
  • a seemingly harmless cup of tea.
These were the clues. They hid the identity of the man who held mankind's most destructive weapons in his hand. Nick Carter had only 72 hours to find him.

Award Edition

Printing History
Written by Jon Messman

Award Books
1st (A655X) 1970
2nd (AN1093) 1972
3rd (AN1093) 1974
Charter Reprint (53298) Jan 1981

Tandem Books
1st (423 5565) 1971
Reprint (426 17371) Dec 1972

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Passionate by Carter Brown

Twin temptresses out for kicks any way they come, including shrunken heads, corpses,and lady killers.

1959 Horwitz Edition
Rival For A Corpse
The sizzling brunette collected shrunken heads but she offered Police Lieutenant Al Wheeler five thousand dollars to bring her the live heart of her ex-husband. The torrid redhead collected men and she offered Al.... her pretty self. The girls were twin sisters. Each in her own seductive way was trying to take Al's mind off their matching set of corpses. But Wheeler wasn't buying their brand of pleasure, not while he still suspects that their trademark was murder. 

McGinnis Cover                                        Barye Cover
5th Signet Printing

Printing History

Horwitz Editions
Numbered Series #77 1959
Long Story Magazine #4 Nov 1959
International Edition #8 1961

Signet Editions
1st (1674) July 1959
2nd (1674) Canada Aug 1959
3rd (G2537) Sept 1964
4th (G2537) Canada 1964
5th (T5609) 1974

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Executioners by Jon Messman

Was it an an accident when an aircraft carrier plowed into a U.S. Navy cruiser, a thousand lives lost?
Was it sabotage when an out of control tank hit an ammunition plant, adding more names to the growing list of casualties?
Was it an act of war when an aircraft squadron dropped real bombs in war game exercises, creating chaos and death? .
It was Nick carter's job to find out.

Award Edition
 Nick Carter watched the ship, a U.S. Navy cruiser. It was aflame with over a thousand sailors dying on it. One of America''s most trusted allies had caused the carnage. A terrible accident, the US had said and everyone forgot about it. But then came another accident and the next and the pile of causalities grew higher. It was Nick's job to find out why. But between Nick and the answer lay a scientifically perfect espionage plot. Fueled by crazy revenge, clouded by friend killing friend. There was only one way to get to the truth. Nick set himself up for another accident, a purely personal one.

UK Editions
Award Reprints
Printing History
Written by Jon Messman

Award Books
1st (A598X) April 1970
2nd (AN1119) March 1973
3rd (AQ1493) October 1975

Tandem Books
1st (unkn) 1971
Reprint (426 7448) December 1972
Star Reprint (352 30484) 1979

Working title was called Australia

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Terror Comes Creeping by Carter Brown

The beautiful brunette's mother had made her a millionaire. Now her father wanted to make her a corpse.

1962 Horwitz Edition
The brunette was very beautiful and very scared. She looked private Danny Boyd in the eye and shuddered once. Then she calmly told him that her father was planning on killing her. She claimed he had murdered her brother and was trying to get rid of her sister. And that she was third on the list. She had no proof to back her story, only cold green cash. She might be crazy, but she was also crazy rich. She was Danny's favorite kind of client. So Danny decided to take the lovely lady's case. And tag her father a killer.

 Barye Phillips Cover

Signet Edition

Printing History

Horwitz Editions

Numbered Series #81 1959
Long Story Magazine # 17 December 1960
International Edition #14 1962
International Edition #67 1970

New American Library

Signet Books (USA)
1st (1750) December 1959
Reprint (D2934) June 1966

Signet Books (Canada)
1st (1750) February 1960
2nd (D2934) June 1966

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Black Death by Manning Lee Stokes

Nick Carter battles a maniacal dictator and a brutal voodoo cult.

Charter Edition
Haiti: A savage island, seething with passion, superstition, and hate.
Haiti: Where the shadowy terrors of voodoo conceal the nightmare of an onrushing nuclear holocaust.
Haiti: Breeding ground for the black death conspirators. A half mad dictator. A political assassin. A sexual psychopath. a defecting nuclear genius. And the beautiful girl called The Black Swan.

3rd Award printing
1st Award printing

2nd Award printing

Tandem Edition
Printing History
Written by Manning Lee Stokes

Award Books
1st (A631) March 1970
2nd (A926S) January 1972
3rd (AQ1401) January 1975

Tandem Books
1st (426 6218) 1972

Charter Books
Reprint (441 06578)  August 1979

The Black Death was Manning Lee Stokes last Nick Carter Killmaster adventure.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Dame by Carter Brown

The luscious blonde actress was Hollywood's hottest discovery until a killer cast her in the role of a cold corpse.

Horwitz Editions
Stand in for Death
The flaxen haired blonde was very beautiful and very naked, except for the knife she wore in her back. She made a honey of a corpse even though she was the wrong girl for the part. And when the killer discovered the mistake and realized the scene needed to be shot again. California cop Al Wheeler was already on the killer's trail, ready to ring down the curtain on this lethal killer before the killer made some other beauty take her final bow.

Signet Editions  
Murder in the Cast
The husband: He's a philandering mate, a ham actor, a handsome heel.
The husband's mistress: She's a volcanic brunette in the suggestion of a bikini.
The would be producer: He;s a small man with big, big plans.
The wealthy financier: He was devoted his life to the mad pursuit of money.

Each of these four people had his or her own special reason for wanting to see Judy Manner dead. One of them tried once and will try again, in his or her own sweet time. In this fast paced scorcher, Police Lieutenant Al Wheeler plans a murder to catch a murderer.

UK Edition

Printing History

Horwitz Editions
Numbered Series #82 1959
Long Story Magazine #8 March 1960
International Edition #13 1962
International Edition #66 1970, 1977

Signet Editions
1st (1738) November 1959
2nd (Canada)
3rd (D2827) 1965
4th (Q6402) 1974

Four Square Books
1st (1614) September 1966

Robert McGinnis painted 3rd Signet printing and was used on the International Edition #13 1970 printing.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Red Rebellion by Jon Messman

An innocent girl whose life must be considered expendable. A young man warped by dream of glory. A gripping journey into the jaws of horror too easily possible.

Tandem Reprint
A routine wipe out mission. It started out that way. An enemy agent trapped after a long chase. Nick Carter was told to capture or kill the agent, no questions asked. But there was a third man lurking behind the scenes. A brilliant Chinese operative with a scientifically perfect plant to destroy America. As American university campuses tike like time bombs the students turn to a new curriculum, straight out of the pages of Mao's Little Red Book. Where the required courses are violence, riots, anarchy, and murder. So Nick Carter goes back to college once again, before the maniacal plot can reach its conclusion in a shock wave of violence.

Award Edition

Printing History
Written by Jon Messman

Award Books
1st (A584X) February 1969

Tandem Books
1st (unkn) 1970
Reprint (426 5143) 1971

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Mistress by Carter Brown

She's a stripper stacked for love at a gambling joint where the odds are stacked for murder

1969 Horwitz Edition
It was a plush Las Vegas gambling joint with dice tables at the rear and a well stacked stripper out front. The stripper's name was Gabrielle and she played taps for three corpses. When Al Wheeler came to the scene he figured he hit it lucky. Because there was nothing he enjoyed more than a murder case that gave him a chance to get down to facts. Bare facts that is. Free wheeling Al Wheeler, the unorthodox cop. matched wits with a stripper and the syndicate. The stakes are high as he bets his life that he can beat a killer at the game of murder.

Ron Lesser cover

Printing History

Horwitz Editions
Numbered Series #73 1958
Long Story Magazine #1 July 1959
International Edition #4 1961
International Edition #61 1969

Signet Editions
US and Canada
1st (1594) February 1959
2nd (1594) March 1959 Canada
3rd (D2996) 1966

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Arab Plague by Jon Messman

A mind-altering drug used to blackmail the world
A terrifying new twist on the slave trade
An assignment for Nick Carter that can't succeed, but dare not fail

1st Award Printing
A primitive Arab town tormented by a merciless sun. A stinking hellhole call the salve market. A merchant of human flesh who doubles as a spy. An American agent grown soft on the job. Strange pieces in an espionage puzzle that Nick Carter must solve. It begins with the suspected sellout of intelligence information. And it climaxes with a nightmare struggle for power that must, but can't, be won.

2nd Award Printing
A diabolical clever espionage plot is behind the bizarre behavior of the world's leaders. there are sudden defections, incredible policy reversals, and shattered diplomatic relations. All heading toward mass hysteria and worldwide disaster. AXE agent Nick Carter's assignment is to find the mastermind playing the global death game before the world explodes. His hunt leads him to the desert stronghold of a satanic Arab. A macabre madman who uses cunning brutality and mind altering drugs on beautiful women for a new twist on the old slave trade.

Universal and Star Editions
Printing History
Written by Jon Messman

Award Editions
1st (A583X) February 1970
2nd (AQ1513) January 1976

Tandem Editions
As The Slavemaster
1st 1970
Reprint 1971
Reprint May 1973

Universal Edition
Reprint (426 12765) 

Star Edition
Reprint (426 19078) 1979
As The Arab Plague

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Darling You're Doomed by Carter Brown

1956 Horwitz Edition
The main character of this Carter Brown mystery is Joe Carslake. Joe is in the town of Linmouth to visit a pal of his named Godfrey for a quiet  weekend in the country. All is going well except the two murders and the ulcer. His weekend started with the girl at the gas station in the bikini. It further developed into a double cross with his buddy Godfrey, whose idea of fun was to twist Joe's arm and break it. The weekend further developed  with a girl named Lucille who did not know the finer things in life and thought Joe was the guy to put the love into her, but her father disagreed. The weekend really could have been happening if the frustrated brunette by the name of Jennifer made sure it did not happen. Joe did not mind the corpses, up until the police lieutenant thought he was responsible for them. And Joe did not mind the gangsters until they started minding him. It all started with a real estate deal. It was real alright, but the only estate he was likely to wind up in was a six foot plot. Darling You're Doomed is the 34th entry in Horwitz's Numbered Series published in late 1956. Darling You're Doomed was also published in 1959 in Horwitz's Second Collectors Series as Volume 1 number 27.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Casbah Killers by Jon Messman

A macabre manhunt for a missing agent

AXE's man in Casablanca had vanished. 

Athena: Dancer, knew him as a quick tempered killer whose fleshy appetites were inflamed by blood.
Marina: Exotic half caste, described him as shy, gentle, and strangely afraid of a women's touch.
Fatasha: The madam, said he was a regular patron of her place, consumed by an increased need of erotic pleasure.

The strange man of a thousand faces was missing. And Nick Carter had to find him. Whoever, or whatever he really was. The trail led through the Casbah to the mountains of Morocco. Where a frantic Moslem leader was putting together the final touches to an incredible destruction plan left to him by conquerors of old.

Printing History
Written by Jon Messman

Award Books
1st (A560X) 1969

Tandem Books
1st (426 unkn) 1970
Reprint (426 5127) 1971

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Body by Carter Brown

There was only one way a call girl could quit the business, as a corpse. And the corpses are piling up.

Killers are his business.
Dames as his pleasure.
In this case he tangles with both.

When hard drinking, quick thinking, California cop Al Wheeler goes gunning for the murderer of two call girls, he tangles with a luscious blonde, a big time racketeer, and a well stacked redhead who works in a fashionable mortuary. 

The gals come fast and the bullets even faster in this torrid tale of murder mayhem by Carter Brown.

This title was the first Carter Brown published in the United States. Horwitz Published The Body in a slightly different form in 1957 under the title No Law Against Angels. Horwitz did publish The Body in the present form in 1961.

Signet Editions

Printing History
Horwitz Editions
Numbered Series #43 1957
as No Law Against Angels
International Edition #1 1961
International Edition #59 1969

New American Library
Signet Books (USA)
1st (1527) July 1958
2nd (G2488) May 1964
3rd (T4550) March 1971

Signet Books (Canada)
1st (1527) July/Aug 1958
2nd (G2488) May 1964
3rd (T4550) March 1961

Both US and Canada designs were the same.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Operation Snake by Jon Messman

A macabre experiment in terror. A nightmare mission that pits Nick Carter against a power mad monk in a terrifying global tug of war.

Award Editions

Nick Carter did not believe in........
in an abominable snowman. That is until high in the heart of the Himalayas, in the face of monstrous evidence, he was forced to...
that a women could tie him down. That is until he met the beautiful and exotic Khaleen, and he wanted her to...
that one man could stop a Chinese invasion. That is until he had to....

Tandem Edition
Nick's logic is no match for ancient superstition in this electrifying espionage adventure that plunges AXE agent Nick Carter Killmaster into brutal Red Chinese intrigue deep in the Himalayas of Nepal. 

Printing History
Written by Jon Mesman

Award Books
1st (A559) Dec 1969
2nd (AD1624) Oct 1976

Tandem Books
1st (426 5119) 1970
Reprint (426 5119) 1971
Star Reprint (352 30390) 1978

Star Edition

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ready When You Are, C.B. by Alan G Yates

The autobiography of Alan G Yates, aka Carter Brown, is an important insight into the life and times of one of the world's successful novelist. This autobiography is an amusing and warm account of the road to success and the people met along the way.Mr Yates is also arguably the most witty, outrageous, and versatile of them all mystery authors. Yates has written science fiction, westerns, and even a comic or two.His mysteries have sold more than 70 million copies and have been published in fourteen languages in twenty-two countries. Each book has had its own success and made Carter Brown one of the most widely read, enjoyed, and sucessful mystery writer the world has seen. But in true Carter Brown style, this work is crammed with anecdotes, stories, and circumstances that have little regard to the nicety of strict chronological order. Carter Brown's main character is Police Lieutenant Al Wheeler of the fictional city of Pine City California. Al continuously interrupts the narration with his own opinions on his creator's experiences. The result is a work that not only captures the personality of the most private of all mystery writers, but also brings to life the essence of those famous Carter Brown novels.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nick Carter Killmaster #50

The 50th Nick Carter Killmaster adventure is titled The Doomsday Formula and written by Jon Messman. Award Books incorrectly promoted the title The Black Death as the 50th Nick Carter in 1970. The Black Death was actually the 56th Nick Carter title. Award also messed up the 100th Nick Carter in 1975.

When terrorists threaten to blow Hawaii to the bottom of the ocean, the desperate call goes out for Nick Carter, Killmaster.
Award Later Editions
The Doomsday Formula meant death. 
  1. Lethal fumes spilled from the supposedly dead volcano.
  2. On a desolate stretch of Waikiki Beach the sea washed up the bloated corpse of a Japanese intelligence officer.
  3. In Honolulu the Chief of Police received an urgent message from a friend in desperate trouble.
  4. And somewhere in Tokyo a shriveled old man waited.
A Pacific paradise was the setting for a fanatical group's terrifying vision of the perfect crime.

 And only Nick Carter can stop it!

Printing History
Written by Jon Messman

Award Books
1st (A520X) Nov 1969
2nd (A941S) Jan 1972
3rd (AD1637) Nov 1976

Award states the 1972 Edition is a fourth printing which it was not

Tandem Books
1st (426 4298) 1970

Tandem Edition