Monday, December 30, 2019

Dead On The Level by Helen Nielsen

The night before was a beaut......But the morning after was murder!

Cover by Carl Bobertz
A gorgeous girl makes an incredible proposal, and ends when a would be fall guy unearths some low schemes in high society. While solving  a murder to save his own skin. The action is smooth, tough and colorful all the way......

The Film
Murder By Proxy (1954)

Dana Clark
Belinda Lee

Printing History
Written by Helen Nielsen (1918-2002)

Dell Publishing Company

Friday, December 27, 2019

Seductive Nymph by Jerry M Goff, Jr

"I had met a few hot-blooded beauties before, but never a nudist nympho!"

"I like to tease you...for a little while. Understand? I really like it. It's more fun!"

Printing History
Written by Jerry M Goff, Jr

Merit Books 

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas 2019

Merry Christmas 2019

Wishing you love, our warmest Christmas wishes and glad tiding in our family to yours. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Murder For Christmas by Francis Duncan

Murder For Christmas by Francis Duncan

A classic mystery for the festive season: mulled wine, mince pies...and murder.

Mordecai Tremaine, former tobacconist and perennial lover of romance novels, has been invited to spend Christmas in the sleepy village of Sherbroome at the country retreat of one Benedict Grame.

Arriving on Christmas Eve, he finds that the revelries are in full flow - but so too are tensions amongst the assortment of guests.

Midnight strikes and the party-goers discover that it's not just presents nestling under the tree...there's a dead body too. A dead body that bears a striking resemblance to Father Christmas.

With the snow falling and the suspicions flying, it's up to Mordecai to sniff out the culprit - and prevent someone else from getting murder for Christmas.

Printing History
Written by William Walter Frank Underhill (1914-1988)

1949 by John Lang

Monday, December 23, 2019

The Obituary Club by Hugh Pentecost

Where does a man with a face known to every movie fan in America go to hide from a killer?

Cover by Robert Maguire
"The best gag of my life is coming up the day after I die."
Charles Seely was one of the greatest comic talents of our age. The list ran: Chaplin, Fields, Seely.

Charley had spent his life perpetrating cruel, giant-size practical jokes on the famous. His final one, included in his will, was a sample of his monstrous sense of humor.

There were seven people named in the will. All big names in show business, all the public butt of Charley's last horrible joke.

Columnist Grant Simon tagged the group, "The Obituary Club." It was a fitting title, for as the will was set up, only after the first of the seven died, would one of the remaining six become Charley's heir.

It was a waiting game; someone had to kick the bucket to set up the payoff.

But the payoff came when Hollywood's biggest star became a target for a killer who wanted to turn the macabre lottery into cold-blooded murder.

Printing History
Written by Judson Philips (1903-1989)

Dodd, Meade & Company

Dell Publishing Co
August 1960

Monday, December 16, 2019

Racket Broads by Del Rio

A breathtaking shocker about the twisted hungers of over erotic women forced to enjoy the perversions of their hoodlum lovers!!!

Sophie: Became a willing passion slave when she saw the photographs of herself in bed with two....

Gwen: It was more than her voluptuous body that made Danny Cardone risk $500 to spend one evening with her!

Michelle: Wife of an ex-racket boss, she became the passion pawn of his youthful replacement!

Rita: Her upbringing in high society only made her bored with the usual bedtime play!

Printing History
Written by Del Rio

Camerart Publishing Co, Inc
Merit Mook

Thursday, December 5, 2019

The Case Of The Sleepwalker's Niece by Erle Stanley Gardner

Perry Mason Mystery #8


Pretty Edna Hammer asked Perry Mason an odd question: "Is a person who sleepwalks criminally responsible for what he does?" Edna claimed she was worried about her sleepwalking uncle, Peter Kent. Several nights later, a white-robed figure silently glided across the patio of the Kent home. The moonlight glinted on a deadly carving knife clutched in the sleepwalker's hand. Before dawn, a man lay stabbed to death. Later, the bloodstained knife appeared under Peter Kent's pillow. 

The evidence was to pat for Perry Mason. He suspected the knife had been purposely planted. Was Peter Kent's pretty little niece, Edna, trying to frame her uncle? Who killed Philip Rease? Peter Kent was known to be a sleepwalker and a bloodstained knife was found under his pillow. There were people who would like to see Peter Kent out of the way, but would they frame him for murder? And would that explain the reason for Rease's death? It was another case full of traps for Perry Mason.

Printing History
Written by Erle Stanley Gardner (1889-1970)

William Morrow 
March 1936

Pocket Books
November 1944
April 1965

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving 2019

Happy Thanksgiving

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with friend and loved ones. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

El Misterio De La Ballerina by Carter Brown

Mexican Edition of
The Bump And Grind Murders

Printing History
Written by Alan G Yates (1923-1985)

Caiman Collection 
Editorial Diana
September 1965 

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Leisure Detective Magazine #10

Leisure Detective Magazine #10


Nemesis for a Nude! by Alan Yates (1923-1985)
A Corpse My Sample by  Rod Garde 

Printing History
Action Comics Pty. Ltd

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Stag Magazine May 1956

May 1956

Cover by Elliott Means
Included inside

Showdown by Niel Pritchie

The Untouchable Divorce by Richard Mathewson

Printing History

Official Magazine Corp
Volume 7 #5
May 1956

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Blood On Biscayne Bay by Brett Halliday

Bait For Blackmail

Robert McGinnnis Cover
Mike Shayne tangles with a Miami Beach blackmailer on behalf of a long-forgotten friend
It's been four years since his wife was murdered, and Mike Shayne isn't keen to remember the old days. He's back in Miami when he sees Christine, once his wife's closest friend, and something in his gut tells him to stay away. Newly married, Christine has racked up $10,000 in gambling debts, and she's ready to pawn the only valuable thing she owns: a string of priceless pearls. She asks Shayne to make the hand off. The setup smells fishy, but he agrees to help.

Printing History
Written by Davis Dresser (1904-1977)

copyright 1946
Dell Publishing Company
February 1960

Monday, September 30, 2019

Until Temptation Do Us Part (UK) by Carter Brown

Until Temptation Do Us Part (UK)

Al Wheeler is the toughest cop on the Los Angeles Homicide Squad. Expert in bullets and bed games. Takes his cases rough, his women fast, his liquor neat. Known to be fatal to killers. And just as tough on ladies. So who's the dame who scares Al Wheeler off? When scandal, vice and murder break loose in LA's big business set. Wheeler meets his most dangerous female, a satin sexcat  who's all too willing. And he runs. Hat Al turned chicken? Only the murderer will know for sure.

Printing History
Written by Alan G Yates (1923-1985)

New English Library
Four Square Books
April 1968

Cover was recycled from the US  Carter Brown title None But The Lethal Heart

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Men Magazine October 1962

Men Magazine October 1962

The Wild Seductress by Carter Brown
Condensed of The Hellcat
1962 by Horwitz Publications, Inc
Artwork by Gil Cohen

Printing History
Zenith Publishing Corp
Volume 11 No 10
October 1962

Saturday, September 21, 2019

The Lady Takes It All Off by Rod Gray

The worlds sexiest spy throws some fast balls at the odd balls in a bomb tossing group 

The Blond Bombshell
Her name is Eve Drum, and she 's the sexiest spy in the world. When she cant karate her way out of a tight spot, she uses her favorite weapon, sex, and she couldn't care less whether her partner is ready or willing. Eve Drum doesn't like it when people take liberties with Uncle Sam. That's why she joined a terrorist band as an undercover agent. And its under the covers, mostly, where she does her stuff to stop the long-haired bully boys from tearing down the Supreme Court and Congress. Do your thing Eve!

Printing History
Written by Gardner F Fox (1911-1986)

Belmont Productions, Inc
Belmont Books

First Set
April 1971

Second Set
BT 50636

Monday, September 16, 2019

Long Story Magazine #5

Long Story Magazine #5

The Wanton 
By Carter Brown

Printing History
Written by Alan G Yates (1923-1985)

Horwitz Publications, Inc
December 1959

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Checkmate in Rio (UK) by Valerie Moolman

Destination South America
And for Nick Carter
an appointment with danger

Axe's man in Rio wasn't there any more. In fact, the whole intelligence apparatus that had been built with such care and operated with such cunning had winked out like a series of shorted TV tubes. National security, violence and a mysterious woman. The assignment had to be one for Nick Carter.

Printing History
Written by Valerie Moolman

Brown Watson Digit House

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Eyes Of The Tiger by Manning Lee Stokes

The Eyes Of The Tiger
(Mayflower Edition)

Printing History
Written by Manning Lee Stokes (1911-1976)


Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The Eagle Has Landed by Jack Higgins

The Eagle Has Landed

After Mussolini was deposed and imprisoned by the Italian government, Otto Skorzeny led a German team and achieved his release and escape from Italy. Hitler, with the strong support of Himmler, considered a similar plan to kidnap British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, head of the Abwehr (German military intelligence), is ordered to make a feasibility study of capturing Churchill and taking him to the Reich. Canaris realises that although Hitler will soon forget the matter, Himmler will not. Fearing Himmler may try to discredit him, Canaris orders one of his officers, Oberst Radl, to undertake the study, despite feeling that it is all a waste of effort.

Printing History
Written by Henry Patterson (1929- )

ISBN  0-00-221208-0
September 1975

Bantam Books
ISBN 0-553-02500-7

The Film
Admiral Canaris, head of German military intelligence, is ordered by Adolf Hitler to make a feasibility study into capturing the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. 

Directed by John Sturges

Michael Caine as Oberst Kurt Steiner
Donald Sutherland as Liam Devlin
Robert Duvall as Oberst Max Radl
Jenny Agutter as Molly Prior
Donald Pleasence as Heinrich Himmler
Anthony Quayle as Adm. Wilhelm Canaris
Jean Marsh as Joanna Grey
Treat Williams as Capt. Harry Clark
Larry Hagman as Col. Clarence E. Pitts
Michael Byrne as Karl

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Te veel temperament voor Angela (The Temptress) by Carter Brown

Te veel temperament voor Angela
Dutch Edition of The Temptress

Printing History
Written by Alan G Yates (1923-1985)
Middernacht Series #20
De Steenuil

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

All Through The Night (1942)

All Through The Night

Broadway gambler Gloves Donahue wants to find who killed the baker of his favorite cheesecake. He sees nightclub singer Leda Hamilton leaving the bakery. When her boss Marty's partner Joe is murdered, Leda and her accompanist Pepi disappear. It turns out that beneath all the mystery is a gang of Nazi operatives planning to blow up a battleship in New York harbor.

Humphrey Bogart as Alfred "Gloves" Donahue
Conrad Veidt as Hall Ebbing
Kaaren Verne as Leda Hamilton
Jane Darwell as Mrs. 'Ma' Donahue
Frank McHugh as Barney
Peter Lorre as Pepi
Judith Anderson as Madame
William Demarest as Sunshine
Jackie Gleason as Starchy
Phil Silvers as Waiter
Wallace Ford as Spats Hunter, Gloves' lawyer
Barton MacLane as Marty Callahan
Edward Brophy as Joe Denning

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Adam October 1976


Night Visit by Grant Glastonbury
Moana by J Edward Brown
Hellbound Express by Mike Radar
The Roaring Kill by T T Flynn 
The Squad by Graham McLoad
The Clockwork  Caper by Alex Tait

Printing History
Printed by Kenmnure Press Pty Ltd
Sydney Australia
October 1976
Vol 61 No 5  

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Gone to Earth by Mary Webb

Gone To Earth 
by Mary Webb

Printing History
Written by Mary Gladys Webb (1881-1927)

Cover by Robert Stanley
copyright 1917

Dell Books

The daughter of a Welsh gypsy and a crazy bee-keeper, Hazel Woodus is happiest living in her forest cottage in the remote Shropshire hills, at one with the winds and seasons, protector and friend of the wild animals she loves. But Hazel's beauty and innocence prove irresistible to the men in her orbit. Both Jack Reddin, the local squire and Edward Marston, the gentle minister, offer her human love. Hazel's fate unfolds as simply and relentlessly as a Greek tragedy, as a child of nature is drawn into a world of mortal passion in which she must eternally be a stranger.

The Films

Gone to Earth (1950 UK)

The Wild Heart (1952 USA)

Jennifer Jones as Hazel Woodus
David Farrar as John "Jack" Reddin
Cyril Cusack as Edward Marston
Sybil Thorndike as Mrs. Marston
Edward Chapman as Mr. James
Esmond Knight as Abel Woodus
Hugh Griffith as Andrew Vessons
George Cole as Cousin Albert

Hazel Woodus (Jennifer Jones) is a child of nature in the Shropshire countryside in 1897. She loves and understands all the wild animals more than the people around her. Whenever she has problems, she turns to the book of spells and charms left to her by her gypsy mother.

Local squire Jack Reddin (David Farrar) sees Hazel and wants her, but she has already promised herself to the Baptist minister, Edward Marston (Cyril Cusack). A struggle for her body and soul ensues.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Lust Candidate by Russell Trainer

Lust Candidate
The truth about the nominees was revealed, not in smoke-filled rooms, but in sex-filled bedrooms.
Cover by Elaine Duillo
The Truth Behind The Phony Facade Of Politics

Carl Winter: Slick movie star cowboy hero. Constantly haunted by fear that the public will discover his lust for teenage girls.

Roger Shell: Handsome and idealistic enough to avoid the political sewers which threaten to engulf him.

Nora Tork: The torrid teen who'd do anything to get away from her lecherous stepfather.

Myra Winter: Voluptuous wife of one of the candidates. She upholds the family honor by luring a candidate for a rendezvous which initiated him politically and otherwise.

Silvia Banner: The perfect politicians woman, a loyal and sexy female

Printing History
Written by Russell Raymond Trainer (1921-1992)

Chevron Publications

Monday, July 22, 2019

Detective Stories

Tales of Murder, Romance, Suspense, Detection

The Body Beautiful by Hunt Collins (Evan Hunter 1926-2005)
Also appeared in Famous Detective Stories May 1952

Murder For Sale by Raoul Whitfield (Raoul Falconia Whitfield, 1896-1945) 

Homicide's Sweetheart by Murray Leinster (William Fitzgerald Jenkins 1896-1975)
Also appeared in Smashing Detective Stories March 1952

Spotlight On Crime by Harold Gluck

Printing History
Blue Diamond Publishing Company
No. 5

Monday, July 15, 2019

The Janitor's Daughter by Amy Harris

Kathy caught on fast...real fast!

For A Girl of Seventeen She Was Sharp
Kathy was sharp enough to know that if she didn't want to go through life being known as the janitor's daughter she would have to do something about it.

Kathy was sharp enough to know that the thing to do was to cash in on her charms..on her considerable charms!

Kathy was sharp enough to know that the dark, mysterious older woman named Donna could be her ticket into the big time and big money.

Kathy was almost sharp enough to see the pitfalls that lay ahead of her with a woman like Donna as her tutor.

Kathy was almost sharp enough

Printing History
Written by Amy Harris

Midwood Books

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Stable Boy by Adam Rebel

Their Lust Knew No Barrier
Their Passion No Wall

Cover by Walter Popp
Printing History
Written by Tom Roan (1894-1958)

Beacon Books
Universal Publishing And Distributing Corp
November 1954

Friday, June 21, 2019

Crooked House by Agatha Christie

Who Filled The Hypo Poison?

In the sprawling, half-timbered mansion in the affluent suburb of Swinly Dean, Aristide Leonides lies dead from barbiturate poisoning. An accident? Not likely. In fact, suspicion has already fallen on his luscious widow, a cunning beauty fifty years his junior, set to inherit a sizeable fortune, and rumored to be carrying on with a strapping young tutor comfortably ensconced in the family estate. But criminologist Charles Hayward is casting his own doubts on the innocence of the entire Leonides brood. He knows them intimately. And he's certain that in a crooked house such as Three Gables, no one's on the level...

Printing History
Written by Agatha Christie Mallowan (1890-1976)

Dodd, Meade, and Company
March 1949

Pocket Books
November 1950

Monday, June 17, 2019

One Night With Nora by Brett Halliday

A Mike Shayne Mystery

Cover by Robert Stanley
A naked intruder leads Mike Shayne to one of the strangest cases of his career. He is never surprised to wake up with a woman in his bedroom, unless she's a stranger. The private investigator is dozing when he hears someone creep through the door, undress, and slip into bed. She's not dead, but of course there's a corpse nearby and strong evidence implicates Shayne.

Printing History
Written by Davis Dresser (


Dell Publishing Company
November 1960


Thursday, May 30, 2019

Final Notice by Jonathan Valin

Harry Stoner #2

She was perfect. She smelled of toothpaste, talc, and something sweeter than lilacs. And in that crazy season of autumn, when Cincinnati was ablaze in the blood-red color of fall, Kate Davis made Harry Stoner feel old, and a little in love too. But for Harry Stoner those were only two more reasons that Kate shouldn't have anything more to do with this case. Because what had started with a twisted act of vandalism in the local library had led Kate and Harry, paired together, on a twisting path to a brutal, unsolved murder and to a pumped-up, speeded-up psycho.

Printing History
Written by Jonathan Valin (1947- )

September 1980 Dodd Mead

Avon Books

November 1986

Monday, May 27, 2019

Memorial Day 2019

Memorial Day 2019

Memorial Day commemorates the men and women who died while in the military service of their country, particularly those who died in battle or as a result of wounds sustained in battle. We spend time remembering those who lost their lives and could not come home, reflecting on their service and why we have the luxury and freedom that we enjoy today.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Barye's Babes: Day 8

Barye's Babes: Day 8

A tribute to illustrator Barye Phillips (1924-1969)

Today is the last day of this event, we will feature Carter Brown's The Dame

Printing History
Written by Alan G Yates (1923-1985)

Signet Books
November 1959

Friday, May 24, 2019

Barye's Babes: Day 7

Barye's Babes: Day 7

A tribute to illustrator Barye Phillips (1924-1969)

Today we will feature Edward S. Aaron's Assignment- Lili Lamaris

Printing History
Written by Edward Sidney Aarons (September 11, 1916 - June 16, 1975)

Gold Medal Books

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Barye's Babes: Day 6

Barye's Babes: Day 6

A tribute to illustrator Barye Phillips (1924-1969)

Today we will show artwork from Sax Rohmer's Re-Enter Fu Manchu

Printing History
Written by Arthur Henry Sarsfield Ward (1883-1959)

Gold Medal Books

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Barye's Babes: Day 5

Barye's Babes: Day 5

A tribute to illustrator Barye Phillips (1924-1969)

Today's artwork is from One For The Road by Fredric Brown

Printing History
Written by Fredric Brown (1906-1972)

Bantam Books

Monday, May 20, 2019

Barye's Babes: Day 4

Barye's Babes: Day 4

A tribute to illustrator Barye Phillips (1924-1969)

Today's cover will be Murder For The Bride by John D MacDonald

Printing History
Written by John D MacDonald (1916-1986)

Fawcett Gold Medal Books