Tuesday, July 28, 2020

The Fall by Carl Dekker

The Fall 
by Carl Dekker

An "On The Spot" War Mystery

Cover by Stan Pitt

Carl Dekker…is a rebel. The Army was glad to get rid of him in 1945, because he’s always done what he wanted to do, and not what he was told. As a commando, Dekker got himself into many A tough spot; twice he was the only one to get out….

Dekker still loves tough spots. Always on the move, is passport reads like an atlas index—Egypt, Italy, Corsica, Lebanon, China, Singapore. He haunts the bazaars OF Beirut, the taverns of Tripoli, the Cazbah [SIC] of Cairo, the ruins of Rome—he believes, and so do we, that the best stories are written on the spot.

Dekker and danger are a natural double—he buys himself a deck of trouble wherever he goes—and deals it out! A newspaperman from ‘way back, police roundsman, undercover investigator, Dekker knows his way around, and can handle a heater and a highball as well as anyone.

There’s nothing synthetic about the Dekker dames, his rackets and roughhouse....he’s seen his characters alive—and sometimes dead.

Dekker is………ON THE SPOT

Printing History

Calvert Publishing Company
September 1950

Monday, July 27, 2020

Escape From The Hell Camp by John Reeve

Escape From The Hell Camp 
by John Reeve

Cover by Col Cameron
"The Jap officers trembled in anticipation, the girls were young and pretty and Hoshita was a skilled torturer."

Captain Alan Bradley, kept alive by hate, planned to escape from the Japanese P.O.W. camp and to kill Lieutenant Osati...the cruelest of them all.

Printing History
Written by John Reeve

Horwitz Publications, Inc
Pulp Literature Special #22